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Booby Brekkie

Mar 31, 2020


An important step to support your breastfeeding journey is the adequete self care you honour your body with. Creating the space to physically, mentally and emotionally rest as well as nourishing your body with nutrient rich foods, is a priority in showing up as the best version of you, for your little loved one.

When you're thrown into new-mumma broken sleep however and your precious energy is spent giving to your bubba, it is easy to forget about caring for yourself. This is why I created my new baby book- to help Mumma's have a holistic guide to caring for their little one at their finger tips. Be first to know when its ready and gifted with an introductory offer, here.

Breakfast can be a tricky one at the best of times, so here I am giving you a quick, nourishing meal to supply you with physical energy and brain food to start your day, good fats and protein to satiate your breastfeeding hunger, as well as particular foods that will support your breastmilk production, known as galactagogues. 

I'm sure you've heard of Booby Bickies to help your milk supply, well I introduce you to the brekkie version!

Booby Brekkie

What you'll need:

1/2 cup oats, soaked overnight

1 cup almond milk (if making your own, avoid straining to preserve gut healthy fibre) 

2 tsp flaxseed meal 

2 tsp MCT or coconut oil (I use this brand of MCT)

Extra dash almond milk 

2 tsp almond butter (almonds are a source of calcium for you)

Handful of fresh or frozen berries 

What to do:

Add oats, 1 cup milk in small saucepan, bring to a light simmer and continue stirring over low-medium heat. 

When you’re happy with the consistency, remove from heat. 

Add MCT oil and flaxseed meal, stir well. If needed, add extra milk to create desired consistency. 

Spoon into your serving bowl. Top with antioxidant rich fresh or frozen berries, your favourite nut butter for important protein and to further satiate your breastfeeding hunger, add a dollop of coconut yoghurt. This one is full of bifidobacterium, a strain to help your bubba's gut health. 

You're done. Time to enjoy Mumma!

ps. Want meal inspo to support your bubba's gut health? My baby book is full of them from Nutritionist Diana Krisanski. Head here to find out more.  


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