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Sourcing Quality Animal Products

Jun 12, 2023

Are you confused by clever marketing and unsure where to source quality meat, poultry, fish and eggs?

Animal products are a foundation in our family diet, for both consuming in main meals and for making into gut healing broth and meat stock. So I've shopped around over the years to chase the nourishing cuts, but also avoid breaking the bank. 

In some circumstances, I've made peace with not opting for certified organic options, but instead built a relationship with the farmer to understand their farming practises for the trust that they produce a health giving product.Sometimes however my first pick isn't available, so I also have some 'next best' options to source for my fam.

If you're also wanting to embrace the nourishment that ethically sourced quality animal products can bring for you, here's my pick from South Aussie farmers and businesses.


  • Adams Eggs

I might be biased - my family run chooks on a regenerative farm, full of happy, hens. The chickens are free to roam, scratch & peck amongst organic Kangaroo Island pastures.

As the girls soak up the sunshine, they’re moved along to fresh grass daily, following along the mob of (also happy) grass fed cattle.These girls create a bright vitamin A rich yolk & supply a source of omega 3 fats, choline + protein.

You can certainly taste the difference of Adams Eggs! You can see behind the scenes on the farm here and pick up a carton through Organic Box deliveries and Chapley Group Foodland’s.

  • Earths Eggs, Feather & Peck + Walkerbrae

Other pastured free range regenerative chook farm, which produce quality eggs come from Hoods Earth Produce Farm found in Keith, South Australia.

You can find Earth Eggs in all these places. Feather & Peck Eggs and Walkerbrae are found at various markets & Maidments Meat Service in Strathalbyn. 


  • Lowan Park

Located on the Limestone Coast of South Australia, Lowan Park farm is full of happy chooks that are moved daily onto fresh pasture, with access to sunshine and shelter. This style of farming practise leads to a low stress, healthier chook and fertilised land that is able to regenerate quickly. 

Farmer Lucy also values the whole animal and offers whole chicken, premium and secondary cuts, feet, necks, frames, organs and bone broth in their online shop and market stalls. You can find the Lowan Park products at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market on a Saturday morning in Mt Barker, on Sunday mornings at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market in Wayville, Mt Pleasant Farmers Market on a Saturday, or you can arrange online orders for pick up or delivery through their website

  • Nomad Farms

Another quality pastured chook is found on the Nomad Regenerative Farm where the chickens are able to actively forage amongst fresh pasture, foraging on Nomad Farm's healthy, diverse and chemical free pastures. 

You can find Nomad Farm products in these stores and markets.

  • Earth Soup Chookens 

Hoods Earth Produce (regenerative chicken farm) also sell pastured, free range chickens for making a batch of soup, meat stock or broth in these stores

  • Inglewood Farm

The Inglewood chickens are free range and organic. They are able to forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended with fresh air and sunshine and their additional feed is also all organic and formulated specifically for Inglewood Farm chickens. 

You can purchase Inglewood Farm products in some Foodland stores, P & A Organics, Afforable Organics, Vegas Poultry and in Our Cow and Organic Box deliveries. 

  • Greenslade Chickens

For a more affordable chicken, get in touch with Greenslade Chickens. They are a free range chicken farm in Riverton, South Australia. These birds are housed in barn style sheds, with daily access to outdoors in the sunlight, pasture and trees. They grow their own non-GM cereals of barley, wheat and peas to mill into their chicken feed mix, together with necessary vitamins and minerals. These chickens are also free from antibiotics and artificial growth promotants. 

Greenslade Chicken home deliveries and can be contacted at Greenslade Chickens [email protected] to place an order. 


 When purchasing fresh or frozen fish, wild caught is superior to ensure the fish has been eating it's natural diet and avoiding the overcrowding, processed feed and antibiotics given by farmed fish. 

You can order wild caught seawater Barramundi, Snapper, Mulloway and Mackerol from Organic Box deliveries or contact Samphire Coast Seafood for line caught local seafood delivered to your door.

If you are purchasing fish from the markets, ask for what is local and wild caught such as Whiting, Tommy Ruff and Garfish. You can also source Fergusons local fish in the freezer section of Foodland stores. Otherwise if you can find a frozen packaged wild caught Atlantic Salmon, this would be another option for you. 


  • Bultarra Organic Saltbush Lamb

It is rare to find a lamb that has not only grazed on organic native pastures but also free from antibiotics, preservatives, hormones and growth promotents. The Bulturra Lamb are just that and therefore produce a premium product.

If you love a lamb chop, roast or slow cooked shank just as much as me, you'll want to check out their story here and you can find this in Foodland stores in SA. 

  • Border Park Organics

This organic pasture fed lamb is from the Riverland and Murray Mallee bulk orders are placed here

  • Cleavers Organic Meat

Cleavers use lamb for their supermarket sourced meat products, from animals raised on certified organic Australian farms. You can check your nearest stockist here


  • TripleB - Burns' Biodynamic Beef

The TripleB beef are raised on biodynamic and organic pastures using regenerative farming practises in Strathalbyn, South Australia. You can place bulk orders to stock up your freezer here

  • Border Park Organics

This organic pasture fed beef is from the Riverland and Murray Mallee. Orders can be placed here

  • Cleavers Organic Meat

As they do with the lamb, Cleavers use beef for their supermarket sourced meat products, from animals raised on certified organic Australian farms. You can check your nearest stockist here

  • Paris Creek

Paris Creek beef is 100% grass fed and free from antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically modified You can order whole, side or quarter beef tray or cryovac packed here

  • Najobe Beef

This grass fed beef is grown free from steroids, hormones or antibiotics. You can purchase is at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Markets on online here. They also have free range pastured pork and lamb. 

  • Moo View

The grass fed beef from Moo View farm, in the Willunga area, can be ordered by emailing Mark & Helen Tyler at [email protected].

  • Gum Park

On the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia you can find grass fed cows, free range and pastured pigs and happy bees which produce quality beef, pork (including nitrate free bacon and ham) as well as SA Blue Gum honey. You can place your order here

  • Maidment Meat

This butcher in Strath sources quality locally raised grass fed beef and also offer preservative free 'Bork' (100% pork and beef) sausages. They also have their own delicious in house natural smoked nitrate free bacon (from local free range pigs).


Organic Delivery Companies

You can source a mixture of organic animal products for home delivery from Organic Box and Our Cow (the chicken is organic and meat is grass fed). Just ensure the bacon you purchase is nitrite and nitrate free. 

Synthetic Meats

Nope, not a fan at all. 

Choose Quality

Animal products raised right are a source of wholesome nutrition for you and your loved ones and are one of the first foods I recommend for baby's solid food introduction in my Thriving Bubba baby health guide. In it I step you through what, when, how and why to use these animal products for your little one. You can pick up a copy here and use code WELLNESS for a special price. 

When it's time for your next egg, poultry or meat shop, choose quality from farmers who raise organic,  pastured animals. Those who go the extra mile and care for the land they are farming from with regenerative practises get my top vote. 

Have I left any of your favourite farmers, shops or delivery companies off? Let me know across on my @glowingmumma.thrivingbubba Instagram feed.  


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