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What Really Happens Throughout Your Menstrual Cycle



It’s a common theme I see as a Naturopath. Young women going through high school and into their early adulthood, without the empowering understanding of their hormones and precious reproductive cycle.

I was no different! To be honest, throughout my teens I didn’t know when and how ovulation took place. I was equipped with the basics – knowing I inconveniently had my period once a month but because I was on the oral contraceptive pill, I wouldn’t fall pregnant. I was oblivious to the fact that my ovaries had shut down and I wasn’t ovulating, let alone getting an explanation from my GP about potential short and long term side effects of taking the “innocent” daily pill.

It wasn’t until my naturopathy studies that I began to truly understand the intricate happenings of a woman’s cycle, both naturally and on synthetic hormones. It fascinated me and once I was supporting patients in clinic, I developed a...

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Lifestyle Hacks For Healthy Hormones

Lifestyle Hacks For Healthy Hormones

Have you ever thought about how your lifestyle is effecting your hormone health? For a long time, I was so focused on getting my diet right, that I forgot about the important environmental impacts that were contributing to my health challenges.

I now cringe when I jump in a car with a ‘smelly tree’, hold my breath when I walk past someone with a strong perfume scent and avoid bright lights at night. Why? As I was writing my book: Balanced, The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones, it became very clear how disruptive environmental stressors can be to achieving regular periods, clear skin, relaxed moods and vibrant energy levels.

Where should you start? Right here, with my powerful guide to encourage an environment that supports healthy hormones for you and your loved ones.



Plug your laptop, computers and if possible, iPads into your internet modems by cord or cable and turn off the...

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