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What Twelve Months Of Motherhood Has Taught Me

I've just celebrated my baby girls first birthday, our birthing anniversary and one year of mummahood. What a whirlwind of a year. The most challenging, but rewarding days of my life. 

Here is what the last twelve months of being a Mumma has taught me...

P A T I E N C E. You can’t hurry along a feed, hold off the tears until the morning, speed up a milestone or ‘just quickly’ do, well anything. Instead, trusting that everything will unfold as it’s meant to and in the right time.

P R E S E N C E. Oh how precious it is to watch and be lead by little ones being present while playing, learning, feeding & chatting. There’s no dwelling on the past or worry about the future, just purely living in the moment.

N U R T U R E. My self care has stepped up a notch to make up for the constant broken sleep & breastfeeding demands. Yep this includes putting my ego aside and taking a nap when my body calls for the rest.

Filling up my cup allows me to be the...

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Our Birth Story

The clock ticked over to 7.26am on Saturday 14th July and our beautiful baby girl arrived into this world. We first met as she was lifted onto my chest for skin-to-skin cuddles, for a magical end to our homebirth experience. As we lay together right where she was born-infront of our wood fire, my body kept her warm and her long delicate fingers wrapped around her Daddy's thumb. We named our bundle of joy Amelia Evie.

It was just twelve hours earlier when my regular surges (contractions) had begun. Over this time, we had used many holistic tools to promote a calm birth, in the dark and quiet of our own home. This relaxed environment allowed my body to feel safe and allow the stages of labour to progress naturally.  The majority of my labour was supported by my husband and our primary midwife, Megan, and later our homebirth-accredited midwife also assisted with the safe delivery of Amelia into our arms.

How We Prepared

Heading back to pre-birth, we made the most of...

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