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The Hidden Hormone Disruptor In Your Foods

The Hidden Hormone Disruptor In Your Foods

The foods you consume on a daily basis can do one of two things. They can provide the nutrition needed for gut health, growth, detoxification, energy production, hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis as well as overall bodily health and function. Or your foods can cause toxicity in your body, lead to inflammation production and therefore contribute to hormone imbalance, among many other health complications.

First things first, I will always encourage a diet based around whole foods. Eliminating the processed trans-fat, preservative laden, sugary so called ‘foods’ and instead building the diet up with loads of fresh vegetables, some fruits, nutritious olives, olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconut products and ethically raised animal products.  Fermented foods and broths are also encouraged as a part of a nourishing diet for hormone health.

You may be following this ‘to a t’, but still noticing...

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Where to Buy Organic in Adelaide

Where to Buy Organic in Adelaide

Seeking out organic produce can be hard work. Many google searches later, you may find you’re still not satisfied with the limited listings.

After many patient recommendations and trying out hot spots myself, I’ve refined a list for you of organic cafes, restaurants, markets, shops and supermarkets around town. If you’re flying in for the weekend or a local Adelaidian, enjoy the high quality, organic & seasonal produce Adelaide has to offer.


  • Bliss Organic Cafe, 7 Compton st, Adelaide. Find out more here.
  • Foodwise Organics store & cafe. 7 Jetty Road, Largs Bay. Check out what they offer here.
  • Just Results Cafe, 231 Tapleys Hill Rd, Seaton. Visit their Facebook page here.
  • Natures Providore (formerly Doof Doof), Duthy St, Malvern. More details found here.
  • Nutrition Republic, King William Rd, Goodwood
  • Organic To Go, 365a, Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond. Have a read here.
  • Patch Kitchen...
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