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Optimise This Mineral For Optimal Energy Levels.

Optimise This Mineral For Optimal Energy Levels

As a Naturopath, I often request patients to have functional testing, plus regular blood tests. This is to accurately determine imbalances in the body and where to therefore focus treatment.

One of the most common imbalances which present is related to iron levels in the body. When iron and the carrier molecule of iron, called ferritin, become too high, this can contribute to metabolic problems such as insulin resistance and more chronic issues with organ damage. On the other hand, when iron levels hit rock bottom, complications of low oxygen occur.

It is important to know where your iron levels sit, to know what individualised dietary changes can support you back to optimal health.


Iron is required for proteins in the body.  Haemoglobin is the iron-containing protein in red blood cells, responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs, to the body tissues. Here the oxygen is exchanged for Carbon...

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Our First Trimester Experience

It's been exciting time for hubby and I as we recently announced we will be welcoming a precious baby into the world this winter.

Pregnancy is such a magical time, growing & nurturing a little human inside. It's a special time full of joy and excitement, where the mumma-to-be is glowing. Of course, supporting many patients through their personal pregnancies, I was not naive to the contrary. Nausea, exhaustion and cravings are among common symptoms of the first tri, which pose a challenge to keep the special news a secret during the early stages.

I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and it's the best I've felt in the past 9! I was no stranger to the dreaded morning sickness (who am I kidding, it's all day sickness), among other symptoms and here I wish to share with you my highs and lows throughout this time.

What I Felt

Let's start with the baby brain. It IS a thing... already! Hence why I took a journal each day with some notes, as I knew I'd forget my main points to share my experience...

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