Are you feeling tired, wired & frustrated with stubborn belly fat?


We’re here to help you overcome a common roadblock, so you can finally get you the results you desire.

Reduce your puffiness, shift midsection weight

& feel relaxed, rested & ready to take on your days. 

As you calm your nervous system, balance your cortisol levels & transform your body & mind.


For healthy skin, moods, energy, cycles, weight & more!



If you experience any of these symptoms…. 

  • Often hungry and irritable over the day.
  • Craving sugar & experiencing erratic energy (tired but wired).
  • Feeling intolerant towards others, with angry outbursts
  • Experiencing tightness in your chest & other impacts of daily stress, anxiety or overwhelm.
  • Struggling with  midsection weight that won't budge.
  • Feeling puffy, particularly in your face
  • Noticing unwanted facial hair growth.
  • Experiencing regular skin breakouts
  • Feeling increased muscle tension & discomfort, or at night  restless legs are keeping you up.

  • Finding it hard to switch off at night, drift off to sleep and stay asleep until morning. 

  • Experiencing irregular, painful or heavy periods. 
  • Wanting to optimise your hormone health, for your skin, cycles, moods and energy levels. 
  • You feel like you’re doing all the right things, yet still struggling to lose weight.


...well you’re in the right place and we're going to tell you exactly how

Create Your Calm

will give you the guidance & support that can transform the way you look & feel.




By the end of this program,

you will have… 

  • Met important nutritional requirements for nourishing your nervous system, to promote healthy cortisol levels and overall hormone balance. 
  • Gained holistic practises and natural medicine recommendations to overcome the common drivers of high cortisol levels. So you can feel calm and balanced once again. 
  • The confidence to move your body to promote balanced hormones & natural toning, without spending hours at the gym. 
  • Tools and practices to support a healthy stress response and embrace a feminine flow. 
  • The steps, guidance and accountability to make this your reality and enjoy yourself along the way.
  • The confidence to move forward after the program, with a lifestyle that supports healthy cortisol levels, giving you long lasting results.


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Meet Your Mentor: Naturopath, Nutritionist & Mumma of 2: Kasey Willson

I have seen first hand the havoc imbalanced cortisol (HPA Axis dysfunction) can have on the body. Women would rush into my Naturopath clinic living a high stress and/ or high- demand life and the symptoms were showing- skin breakouts, stubborn mid section weight, anxiety, sleep issues, irregular cycles, painful periods and more. 

I've stepped them through the crucial support to allow their body's to be in harmony once again and I know I can help you too. 

Meet Your Mentor: Health Coach & Yoga Instructor, Steph Bartlett

Over my 15 + years experience in the health & wellness industry, I’ve seen women struggle with the side effects of high cortisol levels.

This was first evident whilst working as a Personal Trainer in a gym. Women would want to push themselves in the gym when they were already stressed.

I knew there was another way for women move their body in a more gentle & nurturing way, which lead me to yoga.

I’ve also seen women struggle with high cortisol symptoms as a Health Coach. This would often look like women struggling to lose weight around their midsection, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and not having a healthy relationship with themselves.

It's common, but not normal. Most importantly, we can help you turn this around. 

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What’s Inside 'Create Your Calm'

Start Here

Calm Kit 

Begin nurturing your nervous system from day 1 of signing up to Create Your Calm, with these nurturing tools.  


Module Highlights:

  • Understand how your brain and adrenal glands communicate to one another in response to personal stressors and how this leads to your frustrating symptoms.
  • Learn about the different contributing factors to HPA Dysfunction and the resulting cortisol imbalance.  
  •  A Create Your Calm journalling guide to help support you on your hormone balancing journey.
  • A nurturing yoga flow to help bring you back to a calm mind, relaxed body and grateful heart. 
  • A meditation designed to bring more ease, grace & flow to your day, designed to rebalance your cortisol levels.
  • A helpful calming activities guide, to guide you back to your calm in times of stress, with a bonus mindfulness colouring book.
  • Guide to using herbal teas to create your calm. 
Week 1

How To Nourish Yourself For Improved Cortisol Response

Despite eating an overall healthy diet, you may be missing key factors to lowering your body's stress response and keeping your cortisol levels at a healthy range.


Module Highlights:

  • Learn main foods to include, avoid and timing of your foods and drinks over the day, to improve cortisol response. 

  • Nourishing recipes & meal plan example for blood sugar regulation, brain and adrenal health- all important for cortisol regulation. 
  • Gain specific guidance on levels of macronutrients to aim for in your diet to minimise hunger and cravings throughout your day and lead to improved blood sugar response and overall hormone balance.   

  • Get my insider tips on quality food brands and supplements
Week 2

How To Exercise For Improved Cortisol Response

In this module, you'll gain important teachings and classes so you can move your body for balanced cortisol and hormone health. 


Module Highlights:

  • Three Nurturing yoga flows with Yoga Instructor Steph Bartlett, designed to support you, no matter your present state. 
  • Guidance around what movement to include and avoid to promote a healthy stress response in your body.
  • Nutrition tips to support your blood sugar levels while exercising, to avoid unwanted feelings of shakiness or light headed.
  • How to honour your body with movement through the different phases of your cycle.
Week 3

Identify, Manage & Overcome Stress Issues

Without addressing underlying nervous system stressors, your cortisol imbalance will likely return. 


Module Highlights:

  • Gain awareness of the importance of nurturing your nervous system, to prevent heightened stress responses (and the negative flow on effect this has in your body).
  • Learn how to identify your perceived personal stressors and take steps to either remove them or respond to them in a more balanced way.
  • Tools to help you move from a state of 'fight and flight' to 'calm and in control'.

Week 4 

Providing Your Body With A Nurturing Environment

The environment you are exposed to can impact your cortisol production and therefore having a flow on effect to the way you look and feel. 

This module will give you the confidence to protect and nurture your body in the areas you spend most of your time.

Plus together, we'll address one of the important topics for rebalancing cortisol, your sleep patterns. 


Module Highlights:

  • Practises and tools to rebalance your critical circadian rhythm for cortisol regulation, and the flow on effect for your energy, moods, sleep and so much more.

  • Helping to promote a restful sleep and learn when rest is beneficial for you
  • Be empowered with ways to protect yourself from electromagnetic stressors in such a tech savvy world.

  • Learn how to source low-tox products for your body and home as pivotal step in supporting your hormone health. Including brand recommendations &  recipe options if DIY is more your thing. 

  • How to create a hormone healthy home, work & car environment.

Week 5

Self compassion & honouring your needs 

Feeling like you are worthy and honouring your self is a critical part of truely embracing balance for your body, mind and soul. This module will help build your self love practises, to take your wellbeing to the next level. 


Module Highlights:

  • Beautiful practises to boost self confidence and worthiness
  • Guidance to protect your energy & avoid being a 'yes' woman at the expense of your health.
  • Help to get off the 'busy' hamster wheel and start embracing the present moment, along with your personal needs.
  • Create more joy in your life by embracing your inner child & creativity.



When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Create Your Calm
Valued at AUD $597


  • 5 Empowering Live Coaching Calls with Naturopath Kasey Willson & Health Coach Steph Bartlett, providing comprehensive holistic health teachings to guide and support you for rebalancing your cortisol levels. You will also have access to the replays.

  • Step by step nutrition, & movement support, nurturing practises & powerful tools, to guide you towards a balanced cortisol response and overall hormone health, in your body. 

  • Education & recommendations to provide a hormone healthy environment in the space you spend most of your time- your home.
  • Strategies to overcome the main drivers to cortisol imbalance and contributing factors to sluggish energy, mood swings, stubborn weight and skin breakouts. 

You'll be given access to one module and live coaching call per week- so you have plentiful time to immerse yourself in the lessons and implement the life changing steps, before moving onto the next. 

We do this to protect your precious energy, time and focus while preventing you from the overwhelm and confusion that holds busy women back from taking action. 

However, if it suits your lifestyle to work through the content in your own time- that is perfect too.You’ll have 6 months access to the Create Your Calm content.

Plus These Powerful Tools to Support You Through Your Cortisol Rebalancing Journey


# 1

3 Nurturing Yoga Flows

Three Nurturing yoga flows with Yoga Instructor Steph Bartlett, designed to support you, no matter your present state.

More About This Bonus:

Specifically, you'll receive the following yoga flows to choose from to support your energy, moods, emotional release, focus, relaxation and sleep. Steph has included varying length classes to fit into your day and support your body, mind and soul throughout this program.  

  • 15 minute De-Stress Yoga Class

  • 45 minute Mindfulness Yoga Class

  • 10 minute Release and
    Let Go Yoga Class


     AUD $144



Create Your Calm Journalling Guide

The first step on your cortisol rebalancing journey is to gain awareness around your personal contributing stressors. The Create Your Calm journalling guide will help you navigate emotions, manage, process and release stressors, so you can cultivate inner peace with journalling exercises and thought provoking prompts.

AUD $24


# 3

Restorative Meditation

You'll receive a meditation designed to bring more ease, grace & flow to your day, specifically designed to rebalance your cortisol levels.


More About This Tool:

  • Soak up the soothing and grounding words, to create a calm mindset to let go of control, release emotions and lower your stress levels.
  • Let the words build your self worth & nourish your body, mind and soul.
  • Allow the soothing meditation to embrace feelings of love and connections towards your body.

AUD $24

# 4

Nourishing Recipes

You'll receive nourishing recipes specifically designed to meet macronutrient targets for supporting healthy blood sugar response in your body, for balanced moods, energy, weight and more. 

More About This Bonus:

Specifically, you'll receive recipes for optimising your nutrition to cover your daily needs. 

  • Breakfast recipes
  • Lunch & Dinner recipes
  • Snack recipes

AUD $34

# 5

A Private 'Create Your Calm' Facebook Group, For Members Only.

Feel supported & gain clarity with your personal queries, to maintain your self-care momentum as you work through 'Create Your Calm'.

What You’ll Get:

  • Along with the 5 x live group coaching calls (1 per week), with an opportunity for Q&A, you can also get your personal questions answered throughout the 5 weeks of 'Create Your Calm' by Kasey & Steph, to ensure you progress with clarity.
  • Supportive community of like-minded women, to meet, share experiences and support one-another along your similar journey of rebalancing hormones.
  • A safe, private space to overcome isolation, or feelings of going through your healing journey alone. Plus gain love, inspiration and motivation from Kasey & Steph.

AUD $44

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Create Your Calm Program - Valued at AUD $597

  • Bonus 1 - AUD $144
  • Bonus 2 - AUD $44
  • Bonus 3 - AUD $14
  • Bonus 4 - AUD $24
  • Bonus 5 - AUD $34

Total Bonus Value: AUD $260

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $857

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What women asked before signing up for Create Your Calm.



'Create Your Calm'


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Still thinking about it?


Create Your Calm will be the support, nurture & nourishment you need if you're...

1. Often hungry and irritable over the day, craving sugar and experiencing a roller coaster energy levels, to match.

2. Feeling intolerant towards others & having with regular angry outbursts.

3. Experiencing tightness in your chest & other impacts of daily stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

4. Struggling with  midsection weight that won't budge.

5. Noticing unwanted facial hair growth.

6. Experiencing regular skin breakouts.

7. Feeling increased muscle tension & discomfort, or at night  restless legs are keeping you up.

8. Finding it hard to switch off at night, drift off to sleep and stay asleep until morning.

9. Experiencing irregular, painful or heavy periods. 

10. Or you're wanting to optimise your hormone health, for your skin, cycles, moods and energy levels. 


We personally can’t wait to guide you over these next 5 weeks...


Our passion is to empower women just like you, to take health into your own hands.

We've not only been there ourselves, but also the support for clients to share their struggles and are ready for change. We now understand the drivers that are contributing to the vicious cycle of health challenges. 

We've supported women through these times - Steph providing healing through movement, coaching guidance and self-love support; Kasey using her Naturopathic knowledge to detect underlying causes and overcome them to allow women to feel balanced once again. 

We want to share this valuable knowledge, tools and experience with you today.

If you're struggling with stress, erratic moods and energy levels, intolerance toward others, have skin breaking out, weight that wont shift or just wanting to optimise your cycles and hormones health, at least take a risk-free step to see what this empowering education can do for you.

To experience the calm and self confidence that that comes from taking the steps to holistically support your wellbeing. 

It lights us up to think about the power this support, knowledge and nurturing community can have on your life. 

If you chose to take up our invitation, we personally guarantee that the next 5 weeks will be informative, empowering and you will have fun along the way. 

It's time for YOU.

With love,

Kasey Willson & Steph Bartlett

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'Create Your Calm'


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