Glowing Mumma

A Naturopath’s guide to enhance fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy

Do you wish to bring a baby into your world?

I have created a step by step dietary, lifestyle and supplementation guide to help navigate you and your partner through a preconception detox & nourishing regimen, to enhance your fertility and optimise your health heading into pregnancy.

Glowing Mumma guide is unique as it includes ‘practitioner only’ information for both expecting parents. This includes recommended specialised tests, supplements and well-researched nutrition & lifestyle guidance targeted for you both during preconception phase. 

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Preconception Guidance Included Within Glowing Mumma Guide:

  • Education to better understand your reproductive cycle
  • Recommended personalised testing to determine preconception health markers
  • Dietary guidance to encourage safe detoxification & nourishment for optimal fertility for both expecting parents
  • Nutrition supplementation & herbal medicine recommendations for optimising fertility for both parents to be
  • Essential oils to support hormone harmony/ balanced hormones and to use once pregnant.
  • Education around Lifestyle choices to encourage low-tox living
  • Other recommended powerful resources
  • Unconventional reasons for fertility challenges & recommended actions
  • Plus bonus access to the private Glowing Mumma Community

Are you seeking the support to set you and your baby Daddy up for a healthy conception, pregnancy and baby?

My ‘Glowing Mumma’ Guide is just for you!

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Now is the most important time to nourish your body and create a nurturing environment for a healthy conception, glowing pregnancy and thriving bubba.

What Others are Saying

"Glowing Mumma is so much more than a guide on the do’s and dont’s. It gently offers a wealth of information so many of us seem to be unaware of in our daily lives -from pre-conception all through to parenthood. The choices we make with what we put our bodies daily and exposure to toxins in our surrounding has such detrimental effects. Kasey offers so much support to overcome this plus suggested nutrition, medical testing for both you and your partner, additional supplement support, as well as promoting a healthy mind and soul through the journey. You can take as much or little as you like from this and still come away having gained so much!"

Hannah Hudson, 28

"I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside Kasey the past couple of years where she has been an invaluable mentor and resource helping to streamline and further better my knowledge and skills as a Naturopath in the area of hormonal health and infertility. Kasey has a wealth of knowledge in this area and her passion shine’s through in her books and online resources. I would highly recommend this book to anyone planning to conceive or having trouble conceiving, to help give themselves and their child with the healthiest start to pregnancy. ’Glowing Mumma’ is very reader friendly and this book is also a great reference to other Naturopathic practitioners or allied health workers for a holistic preconception health guide for their patients."

Michelle Harris, BHSc, Naturopathy

About the Author, Kasey Willson ND

Kasey Willson is a naturopath, nutritionist, writer and speaker who is passionate about educating women to live healthier, happier lives.

Previous to becoming a Mum in 2018, Kasey ran a busy naturopath clinic in Adelaide, South Australia and authored the hormone health bible-Balanced, The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones.

In July 2018, Kasey and her husband Tom welcomed their first born, a baby girl named Amelia Evie into the world. Using her naturopathic expertise, nutrition knowledge andnew found experience, Kasey now more than ever has a passion to support women throughout their fertility, pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Through this book, it is her wish to empower you and your partner with the life changing information for nourishing yourselves, to create a happy, healthy little one (or more) into your lives.

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