Step-By-Step Support To Feel Nourished, Nurtured + Confident Throughout Your Pregnancy, Birth and Fourth Trimester

Because you have everything you need to have the best Mumma n Bubba start to life - and I can show you how.

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+ You want to learn how to meet important nutritional requirements for you and baby through your diet and supplementation. 

+ You want to gain holistic practices and natural medicine recommendations to prepare you for birth, support you throughout labour, allow you to heal and baby to thrive post birth.


+ You want to be educated with alternatives to mainstream testing and procedures throughout pregnancy and birth which may not be aligned with your values.


+ You're looking for tools you can use to overcome your biggest fears and gain important clarity and confidence for your transition to become Mum.


+ You want the steps, options and guidance to make this all your reality as a Mumma.

"Being a Naturopath and Mum, Kasey has understood the fears and uncertainties I have felt around birth and my fourth trimester and has provided support and resources that have made me feel confident and excited about entering motherhood. Kasey is passionate about researching and is able to summarise and convey in a manner that is easy to understand and implement without feeling overwhelmed.  "

Danielle King
Expecting Mumma

" ...Kasey's calming and confident nature helps to ground me and keep me calm and focused. Kasey's advice has inspired me to make healthy choices during my pregnancy; to really think about my birth preferences, focus on my goals and establish a plan of action. "

Martha Vasiliou
Second Time Mumma

I've Been There...

Throughout our pregnancy we surrounded ourselves with as much extra information, education and support that was aligned with our values. Any nerves and overwhelm were soon turned into confidence and genuine excitement for our journey to become parents


Now looking back at our pre-birth preparation, birthing experience and support we had surrounded ourselves with throughout our fourth trimester, I feel an abundance of gratitude. Sure, there were challenging moments but we were equipped with confidence and knowledge for everything we needed and I can truely say I adored our journey. 


THIS is the feeling I want you to feel when you look back after bringing bubs into your world- feeling like you were prepared, healthy, nourished, nurtured, confident and at ease at each stage (pregnancy, birth and post partum), despite any challenges along the way. Its about having the knowledge and confidence to overcome them and allow you and bubs to thrive.  

Now, I want to help you, too.

Module One

How To Nurture & Nourish Yourself during pregnancy

Despite the extent of your preconception care, pregnancy is a time to continue to provide optimum nutrition and a nourishing lifestyle to support your body and the critical development of your baby throughout your three trimesters.

Inside this module, I will guide you through:

+ Overcoming Pregnancy Nausea

+ A Nourishing Lifestyle For You & Baby

+ Dietary Support For Your Pregnancy

Support Your Body With Supplementation

+ What Your Pregnancy Cravings May Mean

+ Oils For Your Pregnancy & Birth

+ Recommended Testing & Further Education

Take A look at other modules

So how much does it cost?

I want to become a part of it!

The Glowing Mumma Circle is an online course full of education and holistic health support that will nourish, nurture and empower you. All so you can feel healthy and confident heading into your birthing and motherhood journey.

I'll guide you with video and text downloads full of education and support that will positively impact you and your baby throughout each precious stage of pregnancy, birth and your fourth trimester, so you can have the best start to life together. 

You can get started today for just one one payment of $137

I'm ready for the full payment of $137 I'm ready for the payment plan of 2 x $77

Why Be Mentored By Kasey?

With ten years experience as a Naturopath and Nutritionist plus new found mummahood experience, Kasey has created a community of women seeking support for their hormones, fertility, pregnancy, fourth trimester and baby health. 

Kasey has authored
the hormone health bible- Balanced, The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones and the preconception and pregnancy guide, Glowing Mumma.

Kasey's passion is to empower women just like you to feel balanced, nourished, nurtured and confident throughout pregnancy and the transition to become Mum. 


Naturopath + Glowing Mumma


I'm not sure if its for me?

If you're an expecting Mumma, the Glowing Mumma Circle is just for you with info, education and support to empower you throughout your trimesters, birth and fourth trimester stages.

Why post birth support? Emphasis is placed on guiding you through this critical time, when your energy should be used for healing your body and providing for your newborn. From experience in clinic, this is the time most women wish they had invested in extra preparation and support.

Can my partner join in?

Of course, we encourage your partner to watch, listen and read through your Glowing Mumma Circle information with you. You can log in and immerse yourselves in the content at any time. 

The private Glowing Mumma Circle group however is a safe space for only you and fellow Mums to open up, be comfortable to ask questions and make connections with women sharing a similar stage of life and journey.

Is this info I've heard before?

Let me save you time! I've done the hard work extracting just the most valuable and empowering holistic information for you to take away and apply, for your pregnancy birth and fourth trimesters.

You also have the opportunity to ask questions across in the private Glowing Mumma Circle group to meet your needs as you become Mum.

What is included in the Glowing Mumma Circle?

When you register for the Glowing Mumma Circle, you will get immediate access to:

+ Text, audio and video downloads

+ Information includes both traditional practises + up to date research

+ Foods to nourish you and baby throughout different stages- pregnancy, birth and post-partum

+ Supplements to top up your nutritional status and avoid depletion of your important nutrients + to help baby’s development + to help you heal

+ Natural medicine and practises to prepare you for birth, support you throughout birth, enhance post birth healing and allow baby to thrive.

+ Guidance on testing and alternative options if you don’t feel comfortable to consent to certain tests and procedures that may not be aligned with your values

+ Preparing you with what to consider and when – throughout pregnancy, lead up to birth and post birth

+ Opportunity to connect with and meet like-minded women sharing similar journey in the private Glowing Mumma Circle group

+ Bonuses: extra support from health professionals in the field, such as informative interviews with Midwife Hannah Willsmore and Doula Emmy Lou Goodwin; Recipes to nourish you post birth from Nutritionist Diana Krisanski and post birth exercises guidance from Pre + Post Natal Exercise Specialist Tammy Obst. 

I'm ready for the full payment of $137 sign me up for the payment plan, 2 x $77

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