Are you an expecting Mumma?


In this program you will have expert guidance to overcome any feelings of uncertainty or overwhelm... 

so you can feel empowered, nourished

and nurtured for your pregnancy, birth & fourth trimester. 

You will experience motivation, clarity & confidence to holistically support you & your baby, as you journey into motherhood for the first or subsequent time.


Whether you’ve…. 

  • Recently decided to bring a baby into this world, and eagerly awaiting for the positive pregnancy test.
  • Discovered the exciting news you are pregnant and feeling overwhelmed with the changes and decisions that lay ahead.
  • In the midst of morning sickness or pregnancy fatigue and lacking the motivation to make critical healthy food, supplement and lifestyle choices.
  • Embraced the newfound second trimester energy and ready to step up your holistic support for you and baby, prepare yourself for birth and be empowered with guidance for your first days, weeks and months of mumma hood.
  • Or you're committed to do everything you can to give your baby the best start to life.


Well you’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how

Path To Glowing Mumma

will give you the tools, education, inspiration and step-by-step support on your journey into motherhood.


By the end of this program,

you will have… 

  • Met important nutritional requirements for you and baby through your diet and supplementation. You will have clarity on high quality Naturopath approved foods and products.
  • Gained holistic practises and natural medicine recommendations to prepare you for birth, support you throughout labour, allow you to heal and baby to thrive post birth.
  • Alternatives to mainstream testing and procedures throughout pregnancy and birth, which may not be aligned with your values.
  • Tools you can use to overcome your biggest fears and gain important clarity and confidence for your transition to become Mum.
  • The steps, guidance and motivation to make this all your reality as a baby Mumma.

Absolutely loved Kaseys Path to Glowing Mumma program. When I first found out I was pregnant I wasn’t sure where to start with supplements and supporting myself nutritionally. As a midwife I had a good basis of knowledge but still found that I learnt so much from the course. 

Kasey provides practical information in an easy to understand way that helps you to make decisions that are right for you and your growing family. Would definitely recommend to any expecting mamas or those trying for a baby.

- Hannah Willsmore, Midwife, Lactation Consultant & Expecting Mumma

Path to Glowing Mumma  equiped me with the tools necessary to feel confident and empowered as a first time mum.

The program is so thorough that it eased my overwhelm and gave me the important information that I needed throughout pregnancy as well as fourth trimester.

I cannot recommend it enough!

- Irene Elias, New Mumma

Thank you Kasey for putting this invaluable resource together for us Mumma's and Mumma's to be! Whilst currently pregnant with my fourth and being a patient of Kaseys from conceiving my very first bubba I have turned to Kasey as my Naturopath throughout my motherhood journey to educate myself with a plan to follow and support my body the best I could. The Path To Glowing Mumma is a place that provides all the information needed in one place from your first days of pregnancy, to post birth - both mentally and physically.

I know in my own experience I got busy looking after my 3 boys and being pregnant at the same time which put the most stress on my body. Now more than ever I needed to get the right information to support myself. In particular understanding the supplements and food we need while pregnant and why was something I needed to refresh myself on the fourth time around.

It’s easy to be told to take this supplement or do that during pregnancy, but learning why and having the support is what us Mumma's need the most.

Kasey, thank you for using your experience and knowledge to give us the power to be the best we can.

- Stephanie Williams, Mumma Of Four

Being a first time Mum, I found myself quite overwhelmed with all the information out there about pregnancy and how to best look after myself and my growing baby. From what to eat, what not to eat, what supplements to take and how to exercise safely, I found myself feeling lost and confused as to what was best!

Kasey's Path To Glowing Mumma program provided a 'one stop shop' for me to go to and seek answers to my queries and also learn about more natural ways to nourish my body and my growing baby. 

Thank you Kasey for putting this supportive program together and for raising my awareness of more natural medicine alternatives and ways of living, which have not only benefited me during pregnancy but also my overall wellbeing. 

- Kate Jacquier, New Mumma

I loved the content from Path To Glowing Mumma…as a first time mum, it has been incredibly helpful.” 

~Kristy O'Brien, First time Mumma

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I took part in Path to Glowing Mumma in my first trimester and have loved referring back through the content and beautiful bonuses at various stages of my pregnancy. Feeling nourished and empowered as I near my bubba's estimated birth date.
- Sarana Renzella, Second Time Mumma
Kasey Willson is the woman you want to get all your pregancy advice from. She is the master of the field.
Path To Glowing Mumma is extremely thorough and in depth. I would recommend any pregnant or trying to conceive woman to invest in their health and complete this program.
- Nyssa Sitarenos, Mumma
I loved this program Kasey has created! Safe to say there is so much to learn about becoming a mother and pregnancy- I really appreciate how Kasey weaves her 'Mum n Bub' focused Naturopathic wisdom into Path To Glowing Mumma to create something truly valuable for all Mums-to-be.
It's easy to follow, practical and I personally feel so much more empowered as a first time Mum. I look forward to continuing to work with Kasey throughout my motherhood journey.
- Liz Edwards, Mumma-to-be
I am LOVING Path To Glowing Mumma program. Super comprehensive and easy to follow. Kasey, has the most soothing voice too :) I'm learning so much I didn't know before- feeling super grateful and inspired.

- Hailey Adams, Soon-to-be Mumma of 2

Path the Glowing Mumma is a compete guide from pre to post pregnancy which is incredibly thorough and well researched. I especially enjoyed all the bonuses included in this program such as nourishing recipes and guided meditations. The PDF downloads are super helpful as a quick reference to refer back to and helped me to feel confident in making the right decisions for me and my bubba. 

- Kylie Hamlyn, Mumma-to-be

I can’t recommend Kasey’s Path To Glowing Mumma program highly enough. 

Such an incredible resource & powerful investment.

I have absolutely loved learning from Kasey and I am thankful she had shared her passion and given us all wonderful learning opportunities, to better care for ourselves and our bubba’s.

- Renae Leigh, Second time Mumma

Being a Naturopath and Mum, Kasey has understood the fears and uncertainties I have felt around birth and my fourth trimester and has provided support and resources that have made me feel confident and excited about entering motherhood.

Kasey is passionate about researching and is able to summarise and convey in a manner that is easy to understand and implement without feeling overwhelmed.

- Danielle King, New Mumma

Path To Glowing Mumma course has been a fantastic resource for me during my fourth pregnancy.  Even though I have done this before I have found the pre and post birth nourishing lessons to be super useful as I have always neglected myself especially post birth – life was always about the baby!  I never realised how important it was to keep myself nourished in order to support my recovery and support the quality of my breastmilk.  I am looking forward to having this kind of support to look back on throughout the rest of my pregnancy and post birth as there will always be times of overwhelm and anxiety. Having these tools to help manage my emotions and get through the next stage will be invaluable.”

- Teresa Trimboli, Mumma Of Four


 ...Kasey's calming and confident nature helps to ground me and keep me calm and focused.

Kasey's advice has inspired me to make healthy choices during my pregnancy; to really think about my birth preferences, focus on my goals and establish a plan of action.

- Martha Vasiliou, Second Time Mumma


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What’s Inside Path To Glowing Mumma


Module 1

How To Nourish Yourself During Pregnancy

Despite the extent of your preconception care, pregnancy is a time to continue to provide optimum nutrition to support your body and the critical development of your baby throughout your three trimesters.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn How To Overcome Your Pregnancy Nausea. Gain top nutrition, natural medicine and lifestyle hacks to ease your nausea, so you can function and thrive throughout your pregnancy. 

  • Be empowered with step-by-step dietary and supplementation guidance, to optimise your nutrition for your pregnancy health and the growth and development of your baby. Learn both ways of delivering nourishing foods to meet important nutritional requirements and where you may need to reach for specific nutritional and herbal medicine supplementation.
  • Get my insider tips on quality brands and an opportunity to access 'practitioner only' products to support this important phase of life. 
Module 2

Detective Work

In this module, gain the qualified Naturopathic health guidance to navigate you through any new symptoms, conditions, imbalances and challenges that occur throughout your pregnancy.

Module Highlights:

  • Understand your pregnancy cravings, what your body may be in need of and what steps to take to overcome these cravings.
  • Be guided with recommended testing (additional to the routine tests performed), to detect any imbalances. This important information will help to prevent or overcome symptoms, conditions and challenges throughout your pregnancy. Also gain an understanding of which tests are optional and the alternatives you have access to.
  • Learn how to overcome common pregnancy symptoms and conditions naturally, to support you and your baby’s health throughout the three trimesters.
Module 3

Nurture Yourself During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important time to create a nurturing environment for you and baby, to avoid stressors that can compromise you and baby’s health and instead create a space where you are protected and nurtured to support the crucial processes of growing another little soul.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to live a low-tox and low-stress lifestyle and create a healthy environment to protect your baby and support their normal growth and development.
  •  Learn how to use essential oils safely and herbal medicine safely throughout your pregnancy.


Module 4


Empower Yourself For Pregnancy


With all the changes occurring in your body, pregnancy can be a time where self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm take over. This module is designed to ground you, give you some breathing space to take in all the empowering information you’ve learnt so far and create a positive mindset heading into motherhood. 

Module Highlights:

  • Be equipped with tools to encourage you to trust your body, take inspired action and embrace a place of peace, love and gratitude throughout your pregnancy. 

  • For those eager to embrace further learning, here you will be given further recommended holistic education for pregnancy empowerment.  


Module 5

Prepare & Nourish Yourself Pre-Birth


Use this module to help you gain clarity on what to do, when and how, to support your body with nutrition and natural medicine, prepare you, build confidence, calm but also excitement heading into your birth.

Module Highlights:

  • Gain a pre prepared timeline plan for what to consider when, throughout your pregnancy and leading up to birth, so you can gain clarity and feel confident. You will also have access to a birth preferences template, to consider holistic factors for your comfort and the health of baby, when making informed decisions around your birth wishes.
  • For those eager to embrace further learning, here you will be given further recommended holistic education for pre-birth empowerment
  • Get my guide for using essential oils to support you physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the stages of your birth.
  • Be equipped with tools to overcome a fear-based mindset and gain clarity and confidence with simple solution-based exercises.
Module 6

Post Birth Healing & Nourishment

Your fourth trimester is a time where your attention, time and energy is predominantly given to care for your baby. This module will equip you with ways to encourage healing and prevent deficiencies and imbalances from occurring in later weeks, months and years. 

Module Highlights:

  • Natural Medicine Recommendations To Encourage Healing Post Birth. 

    Guidance To Build A Support Circle Around You Throughout Your Fourth Trimester, So You Can Focus On Healing & Nourishing Your Baby.

  • Checklists & Templates to savour brain power and encourage clarity. 

  • Get my guide for using essential oils to help you heal post birth, overcome common baby ailments and create no-tox body care products for you and baby.


Module 7

Empowering You For Baby Mum Life

Life as you know it is about to dramatically change. As your focus is around nourishing and nurturing your baby, often leading to overwhelm. This module is focused on preparing you for your transition into becoming Mum and ways to physically, mentally and emotionally support you, to provide a smooth transition and empower you with ways to seek help if needed throughout your fourth trimester. 

Module Highlights:

  • Preparation for Baby Mum life, with guidance to reduce overwhelm, encourage relationship harmony and conserve energy for you and baby.

  • Breastfeeding support to encourage milk production and minimise or overcome common breastfeeding challenges.
  • Holistic health support to minimise and overcome an irritable baby




When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Path To Glowing Mumma
(AUD $637)


  • 7 Empowering Modules providing you with comprehensive holistic health support to guide, inspire and motivate you for a healthy pregnancy, confident birth and supported fourth trimester.

  • A complete plan for nourishing you and baby with foods and natural medicine for meeting demands of key nutrients, promoting a healthy pregnancy, supporting your birth experience, healing post birth and nourishing your baby for healthy growth and development. 

  • Guidance to provide a nurturing environment for you and baby and recommend ways to low-tox your home and provide a safe environment for you and baby in the areas you spend most of your time.
  • Proven tools to overcome your fears and common challenges, set you up with clarity, confidence and calm heading into and throughout motherhood.

You'll be given access to all modules at once, so you can work through at your own pace once you find out the exciting news of your pregnancy.

You will have access to Path To Glowing Mumma for 12 months, so you have plentiful time to immerse yourself in the lessons and implement the life changing steps in each module, before moving onto the next. 

Plus These Bonuses to Support You Right Up To & Throughout Your Bubba Mumma Days


Bonus 1

Access to the Private Path To Glowing Mumma & Glowing Mumma Community Facebook Groups- For Members Only.

Gain clarity with your personal queries and maintain your self-care momentum into your months as a an expecting Mum. Jump into the Path To Glowing Mumma private facebook community to meet other Mums-to-be and ask any questions you have as you work through the modules.

You will also have access to Kasey's private Glowing Mumma Community facebook group, which is full of like minded Mums who can support you through your baby Mum journey once your bubs has arrived. Kasey also visits regularly to support members. 

(AUD $100)


What You’ll Get:

  • Access to private facebook community's, to make sure you get your personal questions answered and can progress with clarity.
  • Supportive community of like-minded expecting Mums, to meet, share experiences and support one-another along your similar journey into motherhood.
  • A safe, private space to overcome isolation, or feelings of going through your pregnancy journey alone. Plus gain love, inspiration and motivation from Kasey and other expecting Mums sharing the same journey.

  • Once you've completed Path To Glowing Mumma private you can move into the 'Glowing Mumma Facebook' private Facebook group for ongoing baby Mum support.
Bonus 2

Pregnancy Meditation

You'll receive a dreamy meditation created just for you by Health & Mindset Coach Lisa Thompson, to listen to over and over again throughout your pregnancy and birth journey.


More About This Bonus:

  • Soak up Lisa's soothing and grounding voice to create a calm mindset to lower your expecting Mumma stress levels
  • Let her words encourage you to let go of control and trust your beautiful pregnancy body
  • Allow the soothing meditation to embrace feelings of love and connections towards your baby 
Bonus 3

Pregnancy & Postnatal Movement Guidance

Be inspired to create pregnancy safe movement throughout your pregnancy and postnatal stages, through Rachel Oliver's recorded pregnancy yoga flow exclusively for Path To Glowing Mumma members.

You will also have access to Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist Tam Obst's Postnatal Exercise Guidance videos for safe movement support post birth.

(AUD $99)

What You'll Receive:


  • Tools to enhance your breath.
  • Exercises to stretch areas that are often under pressure during pregnancy.
  • Physical, mental and emotional support for you while growing and carrying your baby.
  • Practical easy-to-follow steps with ways to physically strengthen your core and pelvic floor post birth, so you can avoid injury and weakness while you care for your baby.

Bonus 4

Pregnancy & Postpartum Recipes

Gain inspiration to meet important nutritional demands throughout trimesters with pregnancy specific nourishing recipes from Foodie & Nutritionist student Jane Houston.

You will also have recipes ready to supply you with important nutrients to enhance recovery post birth and support your energy throughout your fourth trimester in Nutritionist Diana Krisanski's Postpartum Nutrition e-Book

(AUD $59)


What You’ll Get:

  • Recipes and nutrition education specifically created for pregnancy and your for postnatal care.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Path To Glowing Mumma Value - AUD $637

  • Bonus 1 - AUD $100
  • Bonus 2 - AUD $59
  • Bonus 3 - AUD $99
  • Bonus 4- AUD $59

Total Bonus Value: AUD $317

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $954

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

3 Monthly Payment Of



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Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 3-Day Guarantee

Path To Glowing Mumma is step-by-step guidance to feel nourished, nurtured and empowered throughout your pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester.

When you join, you will become a part of our supported community.

Here's the good news...

By the end of your 3 days (from purchase) you'll have received access to the whole Path To Glowing Mumma & Bonuses. 

Meaning you'll have had the opportunity to gain food and supplement guidance to overcome pregnancy nausea, optimise your pregnancy health and support the growth and development of your baby (just in Module 1 alone) BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't see value in this content, simply reach out via email to explain why you'd like a refund and we'll return your investment.

  • Full details here 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Mumma's asked before signing up for Path To Glowing Mumma


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Still thinking about it?


Path To Glowing Mumma is PERFECT for you if any of the following resonates with you… 

You’re striving to provide a nurturing environment for your baby to have the best start to life and you want to know how. 

Whether you...

  1. Recently decided to bring a baby into this world, and eagerly awaiting for the positive pregnancy test.
  2. Just discovered the exciting news you are pregnant and overwhelmed with the changes and decisions that lay ahead.
  3. Are in the midst of morning sickness or pregnancy fatigue and lacking the motivation to make critical healthy food, supplement and lifestyle choices.
  4. Have embraced the newfound second trimester energy and ready to step up your holistic support for you and baby, prepare yourself for birth and be empowered with guidance for your first days, weeks and months of baby Mumma life.
  5. Are missing out on holistic health guidance from a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist.
  6. Don't have supportive or understanding loved ones nearby.
  7. You live rural and lack access to the support you desire.
  8. Want to be educated and empowered, in the comfort of your own space and luxury of following along in your own time.
  9. You're ready to take the actions to give you and baby the support needed for optimal health.

I personally can’t wait to guide you throughout your pregnancy journey... 

Supporting women into mummahood is my passion. 

I've watched and listened to the experiences of my Naturopath patients over the years and how grateful they were to have access to empowering health guidance during this joyful, but taxing journey to become a new Mum.

Then it was my turn. Throughout my personal experience heading into motherhood- I leant on and felt blessed to be equipped with natural medicine knowledge, but also confidence to create a pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester I had dreamed of. With of course, back-up preferences along the way.

More than anything else, I want to share this with you today.

If you're trying for a baby, in your early stages of pregnancy or well into your journey as an expecting Mum, you owe yourself and bubs to at least take a risk-free step to see what this empowering education can do for you.

To experience the clarity and confidence that it provides - and take steps to holistically support your wellbeing and the growth of your baby.

It's giving me goosebumps thinking about the miracle journey you're on right now. 

If you chose to take up my invitation, I personally guarantee that this course will be life changing for you and your baby heading into and throughout life as a baby Mum. What a gift. 

With love,

Kasey Willson

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