A holistic health guide, to protect and support your baby's health and development - from newborn and beyond!

Whats included in thriving bubba

The First 1000 Days

It all begins by supporting the healthy development of your baby’s microbiome (beneficial gut bacteria) and intestinal integrity, which becomes the foundation for your babies long-term health. 

Learn how to positively impact important stages of your babies growth and development, function of their immune system, metabolic programming and healthy gene expression heading into adulthood.

This has the power to reduce the risk of disease, support brain development and mental health outcomes and can also influence your babies mood, cognitive programming and development later in life. 

Extra empowering info on this topic, from Midwife Hannah Willsmore.

Mumma milk support & soothing an irritable baby

Use this chapter to give you important nurture and nourishment to heal post birth and transition into your breastfeeding and mummahood journey. 

Learn how to navigate and overcome any challenges that may arise for you or baby; which foods and healing practises can help to optimise your breastmilk production; how to prevent and treat mastitis naturally, plus alternatives when breastfeeding isn't achievable. 

Also understand how to identify the cause of regular irritability in your baby and be equipped with recommended natural medicine and holistic health practises that can both prevent and overcome colic symptoms.

Nourishing Your Little One

As a Naturopath and Mum, I was prepared to take control of my babies health to avoid the development of a ‘common’ childhood health condition- which often stems from poor dietary nourishment. The modern-day recommendations based on inflammatory, nutrient deplete foods didn’t resonate with me. 

Here I instead step you through guidance for safely introducing solid foods to your baby with their health as the number one priority. Be comforted knowing the food introduction plan as well as the nourishing (& delicious) recipes by Nutritionist Diana Krisanski are supporting the development of your baby's gut health and allowing all the systems of their body to thrive through optimal nutrition. 

Providing your baby with an abundance of health giving foods will help set them up for healthy eating habits long term. 

A Nurturing Environment

Despite your baby’s genetic make-up, the food your little one eats along with the environment they are surrounded by, has the potential to positively influence genetic expression and prevent outcomes that may otherwise lead to chronic health conditions.   

Here you will learn how to address important environmental protection from toxins and radiation, safely detoxify and create an environment where your bubba can thrive.    

Plus learn about important EMF protection and screen time recommendations for your little one, from baby and beyond.

Natural medicine

Learn how you can use natural medicine- super foods, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, essential oils and homeopathic remedies safely to support your baby's health.

Be equipped with this natural medicine to offer protection against toxins, enhance your baby's natural detoxification processes, prevent illness, overcome health ailments and encourage optimal health in your little one.

Giving yourself adequate nourishment as a bubba Mumma is also critical to best provide for your baby. Thriving Bubba also includes foundation support to allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Get a Naturopath's insight into high quality, recommended products for both you and your baby. 

Extensive Resources

It is important to know when to seek further guidance and support for your little one. Here I include professional referral recommendations.

You will also gain an insight into my favourite personal and professional Mum and Bub related products, services and education in the areas of birth, breastfeeding; breathing (and snoring); tongue ties; post birth Mumma support; parenting support; reading for you and baby; no-tox teethers, toys, clothing and products; sleep; milk options; help in the kitchen; water filters; organic food options; foods, super foods; nutritional supplementation; herbal medicine plus more.     

Plus, you receive a bonus mini sleep guide from Holistic Sleep Mumma and can take advantage of special Thriving Bubba reader discount codes throughout. 

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