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When Cortisol Messes With You + Debunking Adrenal Fatigue

Mar 25, 2024

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I used to have insomnia.

When I first moved to Adelaide (from Kangaroo Island), the fast paced and noisy big smoke put me in a state of frazzle. I'd tried every trick and herb in the book, but I still wouldn't go to sleep until I was utterly exhausted.

When I started studying, I put this and many of my other symptoms down to 'adrenal stress' and then I was convinced I developed a state of 'adrenal fatigue'. Well that's what testing showed too.

But the functional medicine community was missing parts of the puzzle when it came to stress and the adrenal glands and how this impacts your health. 

& yes, this stress response I'm talking about governs the health of your energy, moods, skin, sleep, cycles, weight & more.

Want to know what piece of the puzzle you could be missing when it comes to your health?

 Why you don't have adrenal fatigue but where your frustrating energy, sleep, cycle, cravings, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety symptoms could really be coming from?

Today for episode 107 of the Back To The Paddock podcast, I'm joined by a friend and fellow women's health mentor, Steph Bartlett as we share personal stories of when cortisol goes crazy and delve into what this means for your health outcomes.

What You'll Learn:

  • Steph's story of cortisol imbalance - what she was experiencing and her personal triggers.

  • When exercise becomes a stressor on your body.

  • Examples of imbalanced cortisol level symptoms I have seen in my patients over the years.

  • Key takeaways to turn around your stress.

  • What Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Integrative GP's (including myself) got wrong.

  • Why you don't have adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue and what is really going on in your body in response to stress.

  • Forms of stress that impact your cortisol levels.

  • Why cortisol is necessary and what happens to the beneficial effects of cortisol when stressors are ongoing. 

  • Your next step to rebalance your cortisol levels and overcome your stubborn skin, sleep, cycle, mood or weight symptoms

Listen In:

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