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How To Create A Healthy Kids Party

Jul 18, 2023

We all have them once a year. Whether you celebrate with a small gathering, or like to go all out with a big party, you have options when it comes to your health and the kind of celebration you create.

So if you're wanting to put on a fun party for your little love, but also conscious of their health, here's some tips for you.


  • Offer protein & nourishing fats to help keep them full & slow down the release of any sweeter foods also enjoyed. This could be (homemade) hummus or guacamole dip, olives, cheese, nuts, boiled eggs / curried eggs, nitrate free ham or any quality cooked meats.
  • Offer fresh fruit & vegetables for fibre and antioxidants. Go for what's in season, but if you can source them (from glass houses in winter), cucumber sticks are a popular veg that also helps keep them hydrated.
  • Bring out the above foods first, to encourage them dig into something nourishing, before they are distracted with the sweeter options.
  • Keep them drinking water over the day and make it fun by writing their names on (paper) cups. If you want something fancier, heavily dilute juice or kombucha with sparkling mineral water. 
  • Make your own with foods like popcorn, over store bought forms to avoid inflammatory oils, added sweeteners and additives that have negative health impacts.
  • Offer different coloured foods to make it fun - gummies are a perfect way to bring bright colours to the party table,  plus give them gut healing benefits at the same time. You can find my favs here- lemon gummies, berry gummies, blueberry coconut gummies, choc gummies.
  • If the party cake is full of gluten, dairy and refined sugar, offer a second healthier option for the guests. My Nourishing Orange Cake is a popular option. 

For You

  • Bake ahead of time and freeze batches of yummy gut friendly snacks like my Chewy Tahini Bites, Healthy Brownies and Chocolate Delights Bliss Balls. Simply take them out the morning of the party and they'll be good to go to for party food offerings.
  • Putting on a party can be add up in costs, so plan ahead and slowly buy things that you need, like plates, cups, any gifts and non perishable food items weeks in advance.
  • Being planned with to-do lists can reduce party planning overwhelm and will help you to delegate tasks or ask for help where needed. 


  • Encourage active play, to use up any excess glucose surges, but also offer quieter activities like play dough, magnetic blocks and colouring for any children feeling overwhelmed or just craving some introvert alone time.
  • Let the kids create their own games in nature. It could be flower picking, making fairy gardens, chasey or digging holes. They make fun when you give them the space to let their imagination run wild. 
  • Make it an experience for your birthday girl or boy. You could create party games tigether such as a DIY 'pin the tail' or pinyada. You can make a simple pinyada from blowing up a balloon, making glue from equal parts flour and water and gluing on layers of tissue paper ever couple of days until you feel its strong enough. It's actually a therapeutic mindfulness exercise for you too! Decorate as desired and watch the fun unfold.
  • Ditch the lolly bags and if you want to give prizes or gifts, source fun activities like chalk, stamps, bubbles, colouring in and stickers. 

Creating a kids party that is fun but also nourishing for their body, mind and soul is achievable. Through the foods (and order) you serve them up, the play you allow and the tips to make your life easier in party planning, you can all have a fun and enjoy a healthy celebration.

Can't wait to hear about your next celebration. Tell me how it goes across on my @glowingmumma.thrivingbubba insta. 



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