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Motherhood, Mindfulness & Aware Parenting ~with Anne Smith from Barefoot & Thankful

Oct 25, 2021



Do you ever feel like you’re taking the road less travelled when it comes to your mothering or parenting choices?

There were and continue to be times throughout my personal motherhood journey where I've felt this way, but I've always come back to what resonates with us as a family.

You’re never alone. While the choices you’ve made may not suit your friends or family, they align with you.

It’s time to crowd out the noise, tune in with your heart and let that lead your mothering, mindfulness and parenting journey.

As I was having this beautiful conversation with fellow Mumma Anne Smith, my heart was full of love, I had a smile on my face, happy tears flowed and I was nodding the whole way through. She filled me with joy and left me feeling oh so grateful for being a Mumma.

Anne Smith from Barefoot & Thankful is a Mumma of 2 little souls and describes her motherhood journey as the love of her life with the love of her life.

Barefoot and Thankful was birthed from darkness; through uncomfortably living with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and chosen suffering. Anne’s content and offerings now represent the light she chose to fight for, the freedom She longed for and the lightness, joy and ease in her new ways of chosen being.

Over the years Anne has run holistic retreats in Bali and now holds regular mindfulness meditation sessions, courses and retreats at their home studio space, the 'Med Shed' where she loves sitting and connecting in such intimate settings.

Barefoot & Thankful offerings also include her HeartArt where she writes what her heart needs to hear and knows our hearts are one. 

Anne will also be soon accredited as an Aware Parenting instructor along with her one one one mentoring for mother’s. 

I know you're going to just adore this conversation with Anne too, in episode 54 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast. 

Here's What Unfolded...

>> Anne's guidance to help you embrace your creativity amongst the chaotic bliss of mum life.

>> Tips for beginning a meditation practise as a busy Mumma.

>> Activities that help to calm and create mindfulness for little ones. 

>> Tips for breastfeeding mums and a real chat about the beautiful side to tandem feeding.

>> The foundations of Aware Parenting and how this can help in challenging parenting moments such as tantrums. 

>> Anne's most heart warming mumma moments

Plus more!


More From Anne:

All Barefoot & Thankful offerings can be found via Anne's Instagram, Facebookwebsite.

Tune In:

You can listen into my chat with Anne above, or search 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your favourite podcast app. 

Enjoy & dont forget to let us know what lights you up most from this episode across on the @GlowingMumma.Thrivingbubba insta feed. 


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