Parenting Consciously ~ with Gwen Johannessen

Nov 29, 2021

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Ever since miss 3 had two big accidents in the one week, I’ve noticed myself second guessing my parenting style & reverting to old behaviours. 

Like when she was having so much fun running around with her new little friend the other day and I called out “be careful” instead of letting the free (somewhat risky) play unfold.

But I noticed right away & reassured myself that next time I’d approach that differently. I guess that’s all part of parenting consciously.

To open up this fascinating conversation, I invited my friend Gwen onto the podcast.  

Gwen, originally from Canada came to Australia to do her Masters in teaching in 2010.  A teacher for eight years she started in Special Education and then spent five years teaching Preschool (kindie) in Darwin. During this time, she became a leader within her school as well as within Early Childhood Education and Care sector in the Northern Territory.  

As a teacher she was passionate about children‘s social and emotional growth and development as well as empowering and mentoring other teachers and educators. 

Motherhood cracked her open in ways she never believed possible. Since becoming a mum, she has been on a deep journey of self love, reparenting herself, spiritual awakening and learning that to be the best parent you need to be there for yourself first. 

Gwen now has started her own business, Connecting Kids Consciously supporting children’s social, emotional and spiritual development as well as offers 1:1 mindset and confidence coaching programs for mums. 

This is episode 58 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast. 

What We Cover:

>> Gwen's experience travelling to and raising children in Australia, away from family in Canada.

>>  The importance and how to release perfectionism as a Mumma, including a tool that can help you bring awareness and support you through this. 

>> What is parenting consciously and why is this important for your little ones.

>> Examples of dealing with anger or other emotions for that come up as a parent.

>> The importance of you tuning into your gut feelings as a Mumma.

>> Why speaking your truth as a parent is powerful.

>> The type of schooling Gwen (a teacher) is choosing for now, for her children. 

Plus more. 

Get Gwen's Support:

You can follow Gwen on instagram under @puremummymoments and @connectingkidsconsciously or visit her website here

Tune In:

You can listen into episode 58 above or search 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your fav podcast app. 

What was your biggest aha moment? Let us know across on the @glowingmumma.thrivingbubba insta feed. 


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