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How To Live In Sync With Your Cycle ~ with Olivia de Fluiter

Oct 03, 2022

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Ever wondered why you feel, behave, look or perform differently throughout your cycle? Yep, the individual fluctuations of your humble hormones have a massive influence.

Instead of dreading, pushing through or masking these changes that occur for you, what would happen if you embraced them?

Cyclical living does just that. Allowing you to support your body and mind throughout the natural ebbs and flows of your menstrual cycle, cyclical living can even be tapped into in times of your life when you have an absent or irregular period. It’s all about honouring, nurturing and nourishing your body, so you can ultimately feel your best, for you & for your loved ones.

To delve into this topic, I introduce you to Mum, yogi & Integrative health practitioner, Oliva de Fluitter.

Olivia is a Pilates and Yin Yoga Instructor, an Integrative Health Practitioner and Mumma to a 3 year old. She is passionate about reconnecting women to their natural rhythms through movement, food and wellbeing practices.

Drawing on the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine underpinned by the science of sports medicine, functional medicine and naturopathy, Liv coaches Cyclical Living Programs which help women to understand the power of their cycle and balance their hormones through syncing their movement and food choices with the four phases of their menstrual cycle.

She also holds monthly Pregnancy Retreats and offers pre and post natal Pilates and Yin Yoga online programs as well as workshops on Ayurvedic wellness. 

Olivia joins me for a chat in episode 75 on the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast. 

What's Included:

In today’s chat, we cover:

>> Cyclical living and how it can benefit you.

>> If cyclical living is suitable for you

>> How to move your body to support your health throughout the different phases of your cycle or seasons of your life, including pregnancy, breastfeeding & amenorrhea.

>> Important foods that can nourish you according to cyclical living.

>> When & why you have been given permission to stop & rest, so you can show up as the best version of you.

>> How understanding your cyclical rhythm can benefit your parenting and work life.

Plus more!

Learn More From Olivia:

You can follow Olivia on Facebook @nourishingmovementstudio, on Instagram @nourishingmovementstudio and check out her support across on her website at 

Tune In:

You can listen into episode 75 above or by searching 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your favourite podcast app.

I cant wait to hear your biggest takeaways. Let us know across on the @GlowingMumma.ThrivingBubba insta feed.


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