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Parasites, Candida & Cleansing ~ with Kirsty Wirth

Jan 31, 2023

Want to know what I miss about life before my pregnancies and breastfeeding days? Cleansing!

Although there's still ways to gently supply detoxification (while breastfeeding) through foods like my fav ferments and gentle herbal teas, but I do practise caution when it comes to taking anything new and especially if it has powerful detoxing actions.

If you're instead in the stage of life where you're ready to get prepping for bringing a baby into your world, or perhaps you've wrapped up your breastfeeding journey and feel it is time to cleanse your body on a deeper level, this is the ep to tune into.

Who better than gut health guru Kirsty Wirth to join me for this podcast chat on cleansing your body effectively from toxins, parasites and candida.  

Kirsty Wirth is the founder of Kultured Wellness, a company whose mission is to inspire and educate people to take control of their health by eating real and fermented foods that nourish the gut and the brain. She is the brainchild behind the Kultured Wellness Culture Starters and functional supplements, the Kultured Wellness Education Programs and cooking classes, the co-author of GUTALICIOUS and author of Kultured Keto, Functional Fermented Nutrition and also Nourishing with Diversity and Kultured Christmas ebooks.

Kirsty is an accomplished speaker appearing on numerous leading health and wellness podcasts and in person, and is well known for being able to break down complex concepts into easy to understand information.

Her research and work in the area of gut health has been life changing for so many. Her qualifications and experience in education, research and integrative nutrition spans over 25 years and continues to drive her purpose of empowering her community to gain knowledge and understanding so they can be well and thrive.

She is a HUGE nature lover, a mother, a fervent advocate for children with needs. You just can’t help but be touched by her spirit and infectious enthusiasm.

Kirsty joins me for episode 80 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast. 

What We Cover:

We dive deep into:

  • Kirsty's personal health journey and why she started Kultured Wellness
  • The importance of detoxing in todays world. 
  • Her fav detox tools you too can use for optimising your health.  
  • The importance of binders when detoxing and one of Kirstys favourite binders to use. 
  • The parasite chat – symptoms of an imbalance, how they can impact health long term, why antibiotics aren’t the answer and important considerations to begin detoxing from parasites. 
  • The candida chat- symptoms of a candida overgrowth and the connection between candida and heavy metals. 
  • The steps to begin cleansing from parasites and candida. 

Plus more!

Tune In:

You can listen into episode 80 above or by searching 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your favourite podcast app.

I cant wait to hear your biggest takeaways. Let us know across on the @GlowingMumma.ThrivingBubba insta feed.

Start Cleansing With Kirsty:

To find out more about Kirsty’s story and her son’s incredible turnaround and how the Kultured Wellness mission began, check out her podcast Kulturing Kuriosity.

To pick up Kultured Wellness ferments and products head here or to begin cleansing, see the special detox programs below:

& if you use either the above links or code GLOWING10, you will gain 10% off these cleanses up until 28th February 2023. 


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