Cycle Charting For Conception & Contraception ~ with Jessie Brebner

Aug 09, 2023

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It's heartbreaking to learn that young women are going through high school, into their twenties and childbearing years without gaining a sound knowledge and understanding of their hormones and precious reproductive cycle. 

Those who have read my book, Balanced The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones, know that I was no different. Throughout my teens I equipped with the basics- knowing I inconveniently had my period once a month but because I was on the oral contraceptive pill, I wouldn't fall pregnant.

I had no idea about how ovulation and when ovulation took place, my fertile window (off the pill) and how I could be tracking it all and taking control of my cycle, contraception and eventually conception, naturally. If I did, I certainly would have reconsidered taking the pill and leaving behind the long list of side effects it caused me.

Are you wanting to explore a side-effect free method of contraception?

Or are you needing help to determine your fertile window, as you're trying to conceive?

Either way, this is a chat you want to tune into. Let's explore cycle charting through the Symptothermal Method (for conception and contraception), with Jessie Brebner of 'Fertility Charting'.

Jessie is a passionate advocate for Fertility Awareness as a gateway to improved health, body literacy and reproductive empowerment. She is a certified Symptothermal Method Instructor for both natural birth control, natural conception and health tracking. She is also the creator of Fertility Charting Journals.

Jessie is passionate about the power of social media for communicating menstrual cycle health concepts. She also regularly blogs on menstrual cycles, fertility charting, journaling, natural contraception/conception and more. 

Today Jessie joins me for episode 93 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast. 

What We Cover:

  • What lead Jessie toto teach fertility charting
  • What the Symptothermal Method is and how it works.
  • What is expected to happen throughout a womans menstrual cycle, with mucous and temperature.
  •  Why should one consider this when thinking of bringing a baby into their world? Exploring the empowering benefits.
  • Timing of intercourse to enhance conception.
  • The biggest factors she feels that change a woman’s ovulation timing.
  • The advantages of symptothermal method over other options for contraception.
  • The main points that need to be considered when using this method to avoid pregnancy.
  • The best time of day to be checking, and how intercourse may impact mucous checking.
  • Cautions around when not to use this method for contraception, including her thoughts around breastfeeding. 
  • Plus more!


Learn From Jessie:


Studies Mentioned & Further Listening:

Jessie's thoughts on intercourse frequency:

In regards to the ejaculation frequency, this is such a complex topic and the right answer will be different for everyone, but couples can't go wrong aiming for daily or every other day intercourse during their fertile window.

For those men who have lower than optimum sperm counts and motility, it may be even more beneficial to aim for daily ejaculation as some studies show this improves sperm morphology and motility:

Other studies have shown that sperm morphology and motility have been shown to decrease after just two days of abstinence. Extended periods of abstinence actually increase sperm mitochondrial damage and DNA fragmentation, so it's best not to try and "save up sperm" by abstaining when you are trying to conceive. This is especially important as sperm quality is necessary for a healthy pregnancy:


How To Tune In:

Listen to episode 93 with Jessie above, or search 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your fav podcast app. 

I can't wait to hear your biggest takeaways across on insta at @GlowingMumma.ThrivingBubba. See you there!


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