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Safe & Effective Exercise For Pregnancy & Beyond

Jan 19, 2021

Mentioned Throughout This Episode:

The study mentioned throughout this episode can be found here.

Reducing Your Absorption Of Chlorine, found here

My free guide to overcome pregnancy nausea, here.


Have you ever been confused about what movement will best serve you?

After experiencing a pregnancy loss, it was important to me to feel fit and healthy before we tried again. Months on, I was in the midst of being a fit F45er amongst regular hot yoga practise and we felt ready to once again bring a baby into our world. 

But feeling anxious about experiencing another miscarriage, once we conceived I pulled right back to just walking and pregnancy yoga. I was actually worried about doing too much, but also knew how important movement was. This was a battle for me. 

So if you’re feeling the same way, or just want to know the most recent research around exercise during pregnancy, this is the episode to tune into.

I have invited the beautiful Tammy Obst, who is a pre and post-natal specialist trainer and  clinical pilates instructor, to talk us through this topic. What you'll learn during this podcast:

>> The updated guidelines for safely exercising during pregnancy, with examples of healthy movement throughout pregnancy, no matter what fitness level you're at.

>> What areas of the body to be mindful of focusing on when working out during pregnancy, with some recommended exercises to support you physically heading into birth and motherhood.

>> Tips for overcoming pregnancy nausea when exercising.

>> Statistics, causes and ways to prevent abdominal separation during pregnancy.

>> Ways to encourage healing of abdominal separation post birth. 

Plus more! 


You can find out more about Tammy and the support she offers here & across on instagram under @TammyObst. 


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