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How Light Impacts Your Hormones, Fertility, Pregnancy, Sleep + More

Feb 02, 2021

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Ever wondered why you feel so energised and happy when outside in the sunlight? Or you start to feel drained after long stretches of screen time? This all comes back to the way light impacts your health, right down to a cellular level.

Artificial light and natural light impact our health in very different ways and to help us unravel this critical topic, I've invited experts in the field, Dayne & Indi from Live Holistically onto the podcast to chat with me. 

In this episode you will learn:

>> The different forms of light and how they help or hinder your health.

>> The role melatonin plays on your hormone, fertility and pregnancy, sleep health.... ok, for everything.

>> Simple but effective ways to improve your melatonin levels.

>> How to set up your day to overcome artificial blue light exposure and the impacts it has on your health

>> Plus so much more.

What we chat about in the episode is relevant for everyone, may challenge some of your daily practises but also join the dots on why you may be experiencing certain symptoms or conditions. An eye-opening must listen episode for all!

Links mentioned throughout include:

Enjoy episode number 19 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast.



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