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Natural Contraception Options

Sep 01, 2018

Natural Contraception Options

Was last weeks post enough for you to question refilling your next pill script?

You may be relieved to learn that safer alternatives are available.

I personally use, recommend and teach the below method of natural contraception. There are no side effects, no script required and you gain powerful knowledge of what is happening throughout your cycle. No more unnatural withdrawal bleeds (nope, they’re not periods when you are on the pill) or side effects  from synthetic hormone exposure.

Barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms are an obvious option. However, they can still be ineffective if used incorrectly during the fertile phase of a woman’s cycle. Allergies to latex are also common.

Other natural contraceptive methods available help to educate women about their own cyclic changes. Understanding these crucial signs empowers a woman with the personal awareness of when she is and is not fertile. Sound less invasive? It is!

Such methods include the Billings Ovulation Method, a science based method which has been used for 60 years to assist couples to both achieve and prevent pregnancy.  It is just as effective as the oral contraceptive pill (99% effective) for preventing pregnancy and is more effective than IUD’s, condoms and diaphragms. (1) You can check out out table of comparison here

When a woman is taught Billings Ovulation Method , she learns to recognise and understand her signs of fertility and infertility. She does this by observing the sensation and presence of cervical mucous at the vulva, which is a direct reflection of her hormone level changes through the cycle. Sound a bit icky? Rest assured, cervical mucous is completely normal and no touching is required.

These mucous changes indicate to an experienced Billings Ovulation Method  user whether it is creating a nurturing or hostile environment for sperm survival. She/the couple can use this information for their personal needs of contraception or to optimise the chances of conception.

This information is crucial for women of all ages, as  all women should have the right to understand their reproductive cycles and therefore have control over their fertility. Not to mention the avoidance of unnecessary and poorly educated health side effects from synthetic hormone use. 



For more information on learning this safe, effective contraceptive method, you can  find a Billings Ovulation Method Teacher in your area.

Or if you'd like further guidance in using temperature tracking for cycle awareness, check out my Instagram IGTV with Naturopath Kirsty King here.



(1)     John Nurtagh, General Practise 5th ed, McGraw-Hill, 20


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