A holistic health guide to protect and support your baby's health and development

from newborn and beyond

Written by Naturopath Kasey Willson + Recipes By Nutritionist Diana Krisanski PLUS CONTRIBUTIONS BY MIDWIFE HANNAH WILLSMORE

Did you know... The long term health of your baby is shaped by their environment within their first 1000 days of life?

Now is the time to set your baby up with optimal health, for a thriving future

Are you ready to?

Support healthy development of your baby's microbiome (beneficial bacteria) and set up optimal gut and immune health for many years to come 


Protect your baby from toxins + environmental stress


Nourish your baby with age appropriate foods and create healthy recipes your baby will love


Be equipped with natural medicine + holistic practises to promote health, prevent illness and overcome baby health ailments


Gain an understanding of mile and ways to support healthy growth and development of your baby


Give you important tools to  nurture and nourishment yourself, while  providing alternate options if challenges arise throughout your breastfeeding and mummahood journey 


All of this holistic health education and support has guided me throughout my journey as a new Mumma. Now I'm sharing this powerful knowledge with you so you too can set your bubba up with thriving health, for years to come!



+ You're seeking ways to optimise your baby's microbiome (good bacteria), gut and immune health in this critical window from birth, to toddlerhood. 

+ You want to meet important nutritional requirements for you and baby through foods and have nourishing baby friendly recipes to use.

+ You want to create a low-tox lifestyle for your family and protect your baby from environmental stress.

+ You're looking for natural health options to promote you and your baby's health and equip you with tools when you are faced with health challenges.

+ You're searching for guidance to support your baby's physical and mental growth and development. 

+ You want steps and guidance that is from qualified professionals,  is easy to read, understand and implement.


"Kasey has been absolutely wonderful at providing me with the empowerment I needed to give my daughter a head start with her food introduction journey to set her up for healthy gut and immune health. Thank you so much Kasey, your knowledge is powerful."

Victoria Muscat
Mumma To Izzy

"Thriving Bubba is the perfect addition for every family looking to give their bubba the best start to life. Easy to read and follow, covering valuable nutrition information and ways to protect bubba from the daily health insults we are faced with as parents in this modern world... Thriving Bubba is by far the best and most comprehensive book I have read on baby health. It is great support for parents navigating important health decisions for you and your toddler. "

Michelle Harris
Naturopath & Mumma To Henry

"Thriving Bubba is the ultimate 'baby bible' for any parent wanting trusted advice about nourishing and nurturing their baby. With a busy household of 5 people, the gut and immunity section is a constant go-to of mine."

Nat Fowler
Mumma To Zara, Callan & Nate

"Kasey's Thriving Bubba book is what all new Mum's need! I've learnt a lot of info that I wish I knew back when I was pregnant and my little one was a newborn. There is a big emphasis on a natural holistic approach to all things Mum and baby, yet all so achievable. As someone who was starting to struggle with feeding solids, as well as some breastfeeding issues, it was very reassuring reading this info and going back to basics with it all. It has already help me and my little one. Thank you so much for putting all this amazing info into a book for us new Mums to read. I can't thank you enough! xx"

Samantha Burbidge
New Mumma To Flynn

"Reading Thriving Bubba has already given me the knowledge to best prepare and nourish, for when my baby arrives in this world. I'm so grateful to have holistic information available in one incredible book, that aligns with my beliefs and values for our holistic lifestyle. I have no doubt every Mumma will enjoy this book and learn so many goodies for their families. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"

Natalie Almond, Almond Holistic Health
& Expecting Mumma

"Thriving Bubba is a great read for all Mumma's and Mumma-to's who are wanting a more holistic approach to the different milestones and challenges arising in a little ones' first years. Providing guidance on what to best nourish your little one as they enter the world of "solids". I found it extremely helpful understanding an order of food introduction to follow when considering their maturing digestive system. In addition Kasey has recommended habits to implement and be mindful of in order to make the best environment possible for my little one to grow in. "

Danielle King
New Mumma To Jasper

I've Been There...

As a Naturopath and new Mum, I researched e v e r y t h i n g. I wanted to ensure that despite the toxic world we live in, I was providing nourishment and lifestyle choices that would protect and nurture our bubba to allow her to grow, develop and thrive.

Now, I want to share this vital information in a way that is easy-to-understand, follow and apply for your family to make informed decisions and be comforted to know you have created an environment where your little one/s can have the best start to life. I’ve also drawn knowledge from other inspiring women in this space, to truly gain a holistic approach to nurturing your bubba.   

Let me guide you!


Chapter One

The First 1000 Days

It all begins by supporting the healthy development of your baby’s microbiome (beneficial gut bacteria) and intestinal integrity, which becomes the foundation for your babies long-term health. Learn how to positively impact important stages of your babies growth and development, function of their immune system, metabolic programming and healthy gene expression heading into adulthood. This has the power to reduce the risk of disease, support brain development and mental health outcomes and can also influence your babies mood, cognitive programming and development later in life. 

Take A look at other chapters

Why Be Mentored By Kasey?

With fourteen years experience as a Naturopath plus her personal mummahood experience, Kasey has created a community of women seeking support for their hormones, fertility, pregnancy, fourth trimester and baby health. 

Kasey has authored
the hormone health bible- 'Balanced, The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones' and the popular preconception guide 'Path To Glowing Mumma'. Kasey also offers women pregnancy, birth & fourth trimester support and empowerment through the online course, 'Path To Glowing Mumma'.

Kasey's passion is to empower women just like you to feel balanced, nourished, nurtured and confident throughout pregnancy and the transition to become Mum. 

For Thriving Bubba, Kasey has also drawn upon the expertise and experience of other health professionals. You will find recipe inspiration from Nutritionist Diana Krisanski and breastfeeding and post birth guidance from Midwife Hannah Willsmore, to give you a true holistic health guide and allow you to support your baby's health and development in many ways.

Gain Kasey's Support in the pages of 'thriving Bubba'


Nutritionist Diana Krisanski

Diana is a bubba Mumma and a degree qualified Nutritionist with an eye for creating mouthwatering nourishing dishes. Within Thriving Bubba Diana will be providing meal inspiration to nourish your baby with age appropriate gut healthy foods. Your bubs with love them!

Midwife Hannah Willsmore

Hannah is a Midwife in private practice and award winning childbirth educator, based in Adelaide, South Australia. Within Thriving Bubba, Hannah brings evidence based information to help support you and your baby within bubba's first 1000 days of life. 

Holistic Sleep Mumma

Tracey Murray from Holistic Sleep Mumma offers Thriving Bubba readers a bonus mini sleep guide so you have an understanding of what time frames to aim for with sleep and awake periods for your baby and tips on how to achieve this.

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Thriving Bubba is an e-Book full of education and holistic health support that will empower you as a bubba Mumma to nourish, nurture and protect your baby's health and development now and for many years to come.

Plus as a valued reader, you'll also get access to any further editions for free.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thriving bubba has been written to give you as a Mumma, along with your baby Daddy support for your new born baby and all the important guidance right up until toddlerhood. If your baby is within newborn- two years old, you will benefit from the empowering education and inspiration within the pages of Thriving Bubba.

There sure is! A whole two chapters have been dedicated for supporting you in the early months post birth, together with important nutrition and natural medicine to nourish you throughout your breastfeeding and mummahood journey. 

Check out more content here: https://kasey-willson.mykajabi.com/thrivingbubba-chapters

I'm so glad you asked! A major focus throughout Thriving Bubba is protecting and allowing your baby's gut health to flourish. This has positive impacts throughout the whole body and can not be ignored when preventing and supporting a young child with common childhood ailments such as allergies, eczema, asthma, autism spectrum and attention deficit disorder, emotional, mood and behavioural challenges, auto-immune diseases, digestive disorders and tooth decay.

The recommended food introduction timeline, methods of preparing your baby's foods, lifestyle factors, plus nutritional and natural medicine support included within Thriving Bubba are all designed to encourage long term gut health.

Thriving Bubba will be offered as an e-Book, to give you easy access to the multiple resources that are listed and linked for you, to further information.

We know just how full life is for a Mumma, so saving a copy of Thriving Bubba to your phone or tablet will allow for easy access, to refer back to when needed. Or you can simply print out a hardcopy if you wish. 

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