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Building Confidence From Within ~ with Nicole Joy

Apr 12, 2021

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I first met Nicole Joy around seven years ago when I was a speaker at her Feed Your Soul event, here in Adelaide.

After listening to Nicole share her story that day, I felt inspired by her life journey so far, overcoming struggles and continually chasing her dream of what lit up her soul.

I invited Nicole onto the podcast so you too can be inspired and gain hope from her experiences. From an eating disorder, to fertility challenges, Nicole shares her raw and honest journey of becoming Mum, her top lessons from motherhood and insights into building self confidence from within.

We also go much deeper, exposing a dark topic that needs to be exposed for childhood safety worldwide and why she is on a mission to support the work of Project Rescue Children.

Grab you tissues as you come on the emotional rollercoaster within this episode as Nicole shares her message of hope, inspires you with secrets of confidence and drops truth bombs and info that'll break your heart, give you an overwhelming sense of gratitude and make you think twice about how you show up online.

Tune into episode 28 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast on your fav podcast app or play above.

You can find more about Nicole on her instagram, across on her website and listen into the 'Becoming Mum' podcast here

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