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Protecting Your Pelvic Floor For Your Pregnancy & Beyond ~ with Women's Health Physio Anna Scammell

Aug 23, 2021

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Are there some topics that you tip toe around, hoping they won't impact you? Pelvic floor health is often one of these, but is hugely important to support in your preconception and pregnancy to avoid complications post birth.

When it comes to protecting your pelvic floor and your body physically throughout your pregnancy, it is important to advise with a specialist to best support your needs. To get this much needed conversation flowing, I've invited Women's health physiology Anna Scammell onto the podcast. 

Anna Scammell is a Masters-trained Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in Sydney, and Founder of The Whole Mother. Anna specialises in pregnancy, postpartum & the pelvic floor, offering women home visits, clinic consults and online consults.

She is also the Founder of The Pregnancy Academy and The Postpartum Academy- online educational & exercise programs to teach women how to have a stronger pregnancy, smoother birth and an empowered, faster recovery. Anna combines her 14 years of clinical experience and evidence based knowledge to educate and empower women during their childbearing years.

In this episode we cover so much from preconception, through to healing post birth. Here's some highlights of what you'll learn from Anna:

>> Recommendations for you to physically prepare your body for pregnancy.

>> How to adjust and perform pregnancy exercise to support your changing body and set yourself up for birth

>> What is abdominal separation and how you can avoid this.

>> Why are pelvic floor exercises important to prevent issues post birth and when to begin them.

>> What is a prolapse and what the risk factors are for developing a prolapse post birth. 

>> A women's health physio's perspective on using yoni eggs.

>> Suggestions for soon-to-be birthing Mummas pre-birth, to prepare yourself for birth and reduce tearing. 

>> How to safely push/ breathe down your baby down during birth, to avoid tearing.

>> Tips for helping post birth healing.

>> When it is recommend to see a womens health physio- even if there are no noticeable issues.

Plus more!

You can find out more about Anna's services on her website, instagram and her online programs can be found here: 

Tune into episode 46 above or search 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your favourite podcast app. 


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