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Gaining Protection From The Dangers Of EMF's

May 03, 2021

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Are you sleeping, dining, driving, working and playing in a soup of electromagnetic radiation?  

I know, it seems a bit far fetched, but the reality is in today's society most people, including developing babies and young children, are bombarded with EMF exposure regularly throughout the day. 

To shed light on the very relevant topic, I invited Kristin Irwanto, co-founder of the radiation shielding business Radia Smart, onto the podcast.

In this episode we explored...

>> The different types of EFM's are and how you may be exposed to them on a daily basis.

>> What the research is suggesting are the potential symptoms, conditions and dangers of EFM exposure, to your health.   

>> In what situations you are most susceptible to the dangers of EMF exposure.

>> Steps to minimise your exposure to and protect yourself from EMF's inside and outside the home. 

>> Success stories of customers who have minimised EMF exposure symptoms using Radia Smart products.   

Once you've taken a listen, you can find further information on the links mentioned throughout, down below: 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode. What was your biggest takeaway? Has it motivated or inspired you into taking action to protect yourself from EMF's? Let me know across on my @GlowingMumma instagram feed. 
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