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Placenta Encapsulation + Breastfeeding Guidance ~ with Rebecca Kubenk

Apr 27, 2021


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Growing up on a farm, I loved calfing season. We'd check on the cows each day and admired nature unfolding from a distance, as the new borns calves navigated their first hours post birth.

Something that fascinated me was how the Mumma cows instinctively consumed their placenta straight after birth.

This memory came back to me as it was my turn to prepare for birth and I was researching the benefits of placenta consumption. 

At first, this may sound icky, but for me it seemed natural and resonated as something that would help to nurture me post birth. Instead of whizzing it up into a smoothie, I opted for a placenta encapsulation service from Rebecca at Blooming in Adelaide and found it to help my post birth moods and milk production. 

I know you've probably got some questions... and perhaps objections, so I've invited Rebecca onto the podcast to chat about the process, along with her wisdom as a lactation consultant and orofacial myologist.

In episode 30 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast, Rebecca explores...

> The process of placenta encapsulation and how it may benefit you as a new mum. 

> Causes of pain when breastfeeding and signs to looks out for attachment issues.

> What a correct attachment should look and feel like while breastfeeding.

>  Tongue & lip ties- what they are, how they may impact your baby and toddler and what are the signs to detect tongue or lip ties.

> Steps for tongue or lip tie treatment.

> Exercises to perform on your baby, before you are able to access treatment of tongue or lip ties.

> How dummies and finger sucking can impact facial development and function.

> How orofacial myology may help your baby toddler or child with correct facial  development. 

> The causes of mouth breathing and why it's important to transition out of this habit. 

> Navigating a biting breastfeeding baby or toddler.

Plus so much more!


You can learn more about Rebeccas services on her website and across on instagram.

Enjoy tuning into this episode above or search 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your fav podcast app.

I'd love to hear your biggest takeaways across on my @GlowingMumma insta feed.


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