A Personal Journey To Becoming Mum with Shelley McKenzie

Feb 23, 2021

I love a story, especially one which is raw, honest and shares a powerful birth story.

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with clinical Nutritionist, soon-to-be Naturopath & Mumma of two, Shelley Mckenzie. 

 After having lived with a thyroid disease called Hashimotos for over 10 years, experiencing a miscarriage, and having 2 amazing birth experiences she is not only passionate about sharing her personal journey (including the highs and lows) in the hope to inspire other woman. But, to also educate woman on supporting their bodies and journeys nutritionally in order to absolutely thrive.  

In this episode we explore Shelley's journey to become Mum, including her challenges along the way. 

We chat about our home birth experiences and you will pick up tips to promote healing post birth, prevent baby blues and ideas for juggling the Mum life/ work life balance. 

You can learn more about Shelley and gain her support across on her instagram, website or 'Freedom Wellness' podcast. 


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