Building Health, Self Sufficiency, Sustainability & Community ~ with Rory Bland

Nov 15, 2021

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Recently I've been having deep conversations with like minded friends & fam.
Like becoming more self sufficient in the short term, but how we can really create community and sustainability long term. 
I think the state of the world right now has been a major catalyst for looking within and asking what kind of future we truly want for ourselves, our family and the people we share this with.
To spark this conversation with you, I wanted to introduce someone I met years ago. He's funny, he's entertaining but most importantly he knows where his values lie and he will do what it takes to make his dreams of regenerating the land while providing for and supporting the health of his family and community, a reality. 
Rory Bland is a father, foodie, content creator and follower of dopamine. 
Over the years he’s pursued his interests in many different fields, but has landed back where his heart is... in creating content - mainly around food and conscious living, in his own quirky and humorous way.
He’s on a mission to acquire 1000 acres in QLD to turn into a syntropic food forest and regenerative farm, to rebuild the soil on our precious earth.
I chat about some big topics- health, fatherhood and building a bright future for the next generation and beyond, with Rory in episode 56 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast.  

What We Explore...

>> Rory's health journey and how this has lead to inspiring others to also make health conscious choices,

>> How they welcomed their baby into the world and what his Dad role has been in his conscious parenting journey.

>> How the GAPS diet helped his health.

>> The shocking number of years of soil health (good enough to grow food in) we have left.

>> What impacts soil health, why soil regeneration is so important and what you can do to play your part to help.

>> How you can be prepared with our own food supply and simple steps to becoming more self sufficient and create long term sustainability.

>> Rory's big picture dream to create community, take care of the land and provide for his family at the same time. 

Plus more!

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