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New Look & What To Expect From Me In 2024

Jan 24, 2024

You likely know by now, our fam sold up our house in the city just over 12 months ago, to move to the country and live out our farm life dream.

My hubby Tom and I grew up on the land, but we'd found ourselves in the city for study and work- this is where we met, married, built our first home and began our family life.

We knew our calling was to one day head back to farm life. When our 80 acres and farm house arrived, we sold up our beloved home in the city to follow our hearts and childhood adventures.

We landed ourselves in the country, dived into renovations and are currently creating new wholesome farm life adventures.

You may have tuned into the YouTube channel ‘Back To The Paddock’ also, - if not, you can catch up on the projects we’ve started (some completed) over the past 12 months. From renos, to shed building, to beggining my orchard, becoming farmers to a flock of chickens and starting to harvest farm goodies.

It only seemed fitting to align my podcast with the YouTube channel and continue to delve into health topics, but expand from the ‘Mums n Bubs’ episodes from the first 5 seasons. If by the way you’re wanting to start a family, currently pregnant or have a little baby in your life right now, do yourself a favour and scroll right back through the past 102 episodes to be empowered with holistic health guidance to support you through these precious but also taxing stages of life. 

You can also gain my empowering online support in:

As my little ones grow and my ambitions as a Naturopath for supporting more and more women also increasingly excite me, I have new offerings for 2024 that I cant wait to bring to you. 

Think support for rebalancing your stress response, liver cleansing and improving digestion- to help you achieve healthier hormones to help the way you look, feel and function today but also in the years to come as you journey through the different stages of your life.

Part of this support will include a product line, new programs and keeping limited spaces open for exclusive one-on-one consults with myself.

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