How Foods Can Drain Your Energy ~ with Functional Nutritionist Allison Samon

Jun 12, 2024


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We've all heard the term, you are what you eat. It's true. But sometimes it's not just as simple as swapping out the processed foods with healthy whole food options.  

Here to delve into food and and the relationship it has with your energy (plus other energy zapping factors in your life), is Functional Nutritionist Allison Samon. 

Allison Samon is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner who works virtually with people to get out of chronic illness, escape from mystery symptoms, and help re-design their lifestyle so they can be fit, energized, and pain free in ways that are easy, fun, and sustainable. Allison struggled with unexplained chronic pain for over 10 years.

Her remarkable healing journey became the basis for her programs: Reboot from Chronic Illness Cleanse and the Chronic Illness Recovery Blueprint. She’s also written an ebook “Detoxing Endocrine Disruptors: Essential Checklist” and is a featured author in the Amazon International Best Seller: Teach Your Expertise.

But her proudest accomplishment is becoming a first time Mum over 40, and inspiring other women to successfully have healthy pregnancies despite being considered “geriatric”.

In this 'Back To The Paddock' episode with Allison, discover which foods and lifestyle factors that can boost your energy levels and which ones might be dragging you down.

Tune in to learn practical tips and dietary adjustments that can help you feel more energised and vibrant every day. 

Listen into my chat with Allison Samon in episode 110 of the Back To The Paddock podcast

What's Covered:

  • Allison's personal health journey which lead to the work she does today as a Functional Nutritionist.
  • Meal swaps of Allison's diet from then and now.
  • How and what foods can impact energy levels over your day
  • What are food sensitivities and how they can impact your health
  • Top steps to improve digestion and gut health through foods
  • The quick exercise that'll set you up for an energised day
  • Lifestyle factors to consider when overcoming fatigue 

Plus more!

More From Allison:

Listen In:

Tune into episode 110 above or search 'Back To The Paddock' on your fav podcast listening app.

I cant wait to hear your takeaways across at @BackToThePaddock insta.


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