Creating Healthy Meals, Mindset & Movement ~ with Luke Hines

Oct 18, 2021


Times are tough. I get it. 

You only have to take a quick scroll through socials or switch the telly on for 5 minutes to be sold messages of fear, anger and divide. It really does break my heart to see, hence the reason why I stay clear of the mainstream media and consciously follow accounts on socials who bring a positive, supportive or constructive message to the table. 

You want to know one of my favourites for this? You might remember him from his stint as a finalist on My Kitchen Rules, more recently as a TV presenter on House of Wellness or through his 13 bestselling cookbook creations. Yes, Luke Hines is here for an uplifting chat to bring you motivation for living a life filled with healthy movement, mindset & meals. 

Luke is a also qualified functional nutritionist and personal trainer and his experience and credits include working with top celebrities and TV shows over the years. 

Luke has an online training, nutrition and mindset coaching program with over 100 thousand members transforming their lives through the meals, mindset and moves. Luke’s 13th cookbook, GUILT FREE SNACKS, will be released in November 2021 celebrating his famous sweet and savoury snacks, including his popular recreations of Australian favourites. 

Today, I'm chatting with Luke in episode 53 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast. 

We chatted about:

>> Lukes life previous to MKR and what lead him to create his love for living a healthy lifestyle. 

>> A typical day on his plate. 

>> Simple ways to bring more movement into your day, even if you cant get to the gym or exercise class.

>> His philosophy around helping people in tough times and what has personally kept him feeling positive and grateful during the recent lockdowns and restrictions. 

>> Luke's favourite kitchen hacks to make eating healthy easier and FUN, including a delish recipe he shares. 

>> The newest addition to his recipe book collection and why this one will make your mouth water.

Plus his all around uplifting energy that I know we could all do with right now. 

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Listen into our chat in episode 53 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba podcast above, or searching 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your fav podcast app. 

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