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Herbal Medicine & Doula Wisdom For Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum ~ with Julie Bell

Mar 30, 2021

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Have you ever come across a wise soul who you could listen to for hours? Someone who is full of wisdom through their life experiences and training ...and you hang on every word they say.

I had one of those conversations recently with the inspiring Julie Bell. 

Julie is a mother, doula, herbalist and activist – is the heart behind Blissful Herbs, which has become a household name across Australia for providing nurturing herbal teas, bath herbs, salves and tinctures for people who love natural living and the healing gifts of nature.

After training as a Registered Nurse and working for a decade and a half as a volunteer Christian humanitarian worker in Asia, Juliereturned to Australia. Having experienced 4 glorious homebirths along the way, Julie arrived fired up with a passion to serve birthing families and to support women in reclaiming their own birth-right and birth power. She completed her doula training in 2005 and since then has served hundreds of families in her capacity as birth and post-natal doula.

It is the passion of Julie’s life to support women in realizing their personal power and learning to wield it un-apologetically. It is the joy of Julie’s life to be allied with a remarkable cohort of creative and inspiring women & men who are a force of love and change in the world. Julie is the eternal student and constant journey-woman, always seeking, learning, discovering and expecting.

As a birth rights passionista, Julie has been at the fore-front of activism to retain and reclaim birthing rights and choices in Australia and globally. Julie’s life-long study of herbs and natural healing continued with completing the Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine in 2016.

Julie believes that birth wisdom and herb wisdom are ways by which people are able to re-connect with nature and their own innate wisdom, and that this knowledge is generous and abundant, free to all who with an open heart and mind, hungry to learn.

Over and over again, Julie has been privileged to watch in amazement the true work of the doula: the paradigm shift that occurs in an individual woman as she realises her own power and potential and walks into her future, strong and confident, rooted and grounded in the truth and wisdom she had carried within her, all along.

Into her 50s and beyond, Julie intends to continue to live radically, wage peace and make revolution. She has no plans to go quietly.

In my chat with Julie in episode 26 of the Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba episode, we explored:

>> Why you should trust your body for your birthing journey.

>> The role doulas have in a birth setting and how you may have benefit from this support.

>> The role of your birthing companion and how this is respected and nurtured by having a doula present at your birth. 

>> Debunking a big birth misconception. 

>> How to empower yourself for a home birth.

>> Which pregnancy and post-partum nourishing herb sparked Julie's interest in becoming a herbalist. 

>> A foundation food food used in many cultures across the world during pregnancy and post birth healing. 

>> Julie's top herbs to use during pregnancy and for post birth healing.

>> Ways you can incorporate herbs into your day and connect with natures medicine. 

>> The importance of preconception care and which herbs should be avoided when you're trying for a baby and once pregnant. 

Tune into this episode above or search 'Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba' on your favourite podcast app. 

You can learn more about the herbal medicine and services Julie offers across here and if you give one of her products a review you can gain a 5% discount on the products by using code 'rv5'. If you are a birthing assistant, listen in to learn how you can receive a further discount on the Blissful Herbs products. 

Plus here are some books Julie recommends:

  • Homebirth: The Essential Guide To Giving Birth Outside Of The Hospital, by Sheila Kitzinger
  • Spiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin
  • Botanical Medicine For Women's Health, by Aviva Romm, MD



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