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Our Fourth Trimester Experience

It's midday here as I attempt to multi-task to find the words for this post, watch over my baby girl sleep in her rocker, while I glance up to capture the highlights of the Ellen show.  Oh how life has changed! I am twelve weeks into motherhood and my days (and nights) are now full of breastfeeding, burping, reading baby books and of course, loads of cuddles. I have to admit, it's been the most challenging but rewarding and joyous experience.

As Amelia is past the new born phase and our 'Fourth Trimester' is over, I wanted to share with you how we filled up our precious twelve weeks post birth (if you missed it, read our birth story here). Why? With all the attention surrounding baby, the health and wellbeing of Mumma is overlooked during this phase, often contributing to future exhaustion and illness.

After reading books 'First Forty Days' and 'The Fourth Trimester', I understood the importance to nourish my temple during these initial weeks post birth, so I could best provide...

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Our Second Trimester Experience

I sit in the warm morning sun, I am truly thankful for being provided with Vitamin D rich rays this far into the 2018 Autumn season. The Naturopath in me is smiling as I run through the long list of benefits the sunshine vitamin is having on my bubs, who is 29 weeks into his (or her) journey hanging out in the cosy comfort of my womb. Immunity (tick), neurodevelopment (tick), bone health (tick)….

Officially now in our third and final trimester, I wanted to share with you the highs and lows of my second tri experience, informed decisions we have made and ways that I have holistically supported my body for a healthy pregnancy and bubs to be. If you missed it, you can catch up on my first trimester over here.

Keeping It Real- My Second Tri Experience

Hallelujah, I started to feel normal again with the constant motion-sickness-like feeling eventually fading around 14 weeks. I was proud of myself for not splurging on refined carbs during the first trimester and now that I was...

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