Tongue Ties, Mouth Breathing, Reflux & Orofacial Development ~ with Tash Duffin

Aug 23, 2023

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Did you know the way you breathe impacts the way you look, think and feel... for years to come. So when we're talking about setting up your little ones for a thriving start to life, the way they breathe is a topic we need to lean into, learn and allow them to master. 

When I first realised the importance of nose breathing, I was the mouth police. Reminding my daughter throughout the day to constantly close her mouth and breathe in her nose. I noticed it was times of intense concentration for her that she'd revert to mouth breathing, such as colouring in or looking at a book. I was amazed at the difference in how she woke from nap times when I was making sure her little mouth was sealed shut too. 

Baby number two I was very aware from the start for her to nose breathe, but I've since realised I was missing a crucial piece to this puzzle. Today I wanted to bring the information together for you and help you too understand how the way your little ones breathe, impacts their detoxification, digestion, sleep, orofacial development, behaviour, amongst so much more.

To talk us through this important topic, I have with me Tash Duffin- an Occupational Therapist trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, paediatric feeding, infant and early childhood sleep quality and infant reflux. She is a mother of three vivacious, exuberant children and the founder of Whole Child Co.  

Her two youngest children are the inspiration and drive for her work. When trying to find help for their concerns she wasn’t satisfied with the “normal”/ ‘they’ll outgrow it” approach. Through this journey she learnt to trust her instinct and advocate for her children. She now supports parents to do the same. To listen to their gut instinct and helping them navigate relationships with healthcare providers. 

Tash is passionate about sleep quality for our children during periods of early growth and critical brain developmental. She believes the wait and see approach does an injustice to the developing child and the family unit, viewing good quality sleep as a pillar of health and a foundation for growth and development. 

She is passionate about early intervention in the airway and oral function space to prevent the snowballing of issues that can arise, experiencing this firsthand with two of her children. Her dream is that sleep quality and airway development become part of mainstream healthcare advice and intervention to truly set up our children for the best start in life. 

Her approach to reflux is based on addressing the root cause, seeing reflux as a symptom, not a diagnosis. She believes that a feeding assessment and looking at the whole presentation, including over 80 signs and symptoms should be the first line of treatment before medication is considered. 

At Whole Child Co, every child is considered wholly and holistically every time.

Tash from Whole Child Co, joins me today for episode 94 of the Glowing Mumma thriving Bubba podcast. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Tash's story that lead her into the work she does with children health.
  • Why nose breathing is so so important for baby’s, children and adults. 
  • The difference between nose and mouth breathing.
  • Common causes of baby’s who are mouth breathing and what to do about it.
  • When surgery should be considered (removal of tonsils or adenoids) to overcome mouth breathing.
  • Tongue, cheek, lip ties- what are they are how can they impact baby’s in the short and long term.
  • Laser treatment for baby’s and children tongue lip and cheek ties- the pros and cons.
  • What reflux & silent reflux is in baby’s and how does this impact their wellbeing.
  • The main triggers and causes of reflux and Tash's thoughts on PPI’s as a treatment.
  • The best cups and water bottles to use for your baby's orofacial development.
  • Plus more!

Gains Tash's Support:


Further Information From Episode:

This is the study on the 11000 kids:

  • Bonuk, Freeman, Chervin, Xu (2012) Sleep-Disordered Breathing in a Population-Based Cohort: Behavioral Outcomes at 4 and 7 Years. Pediatrics. 2012 Apr; 129(4): e857–e865. doi: 10.1542/peds.2011-1402

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