Our Fourth Trimester Experience (So Far)

Feb 28, 2022


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Just like that, as I sat down to record this episode, four weeks has past since our empowering home birth of our Elke angel.

If you missed the birth story, you can head back to the previous episode to listen in here.

 Yes, these weeks have included nightly broken sleep, feeding around the clock, loads of washing, plenty of nappies and I barely get a moment to go to the toilet alone.

But the oxytocin is flowing from all the snuggles, skin to skin and suckling and I am just soaking it up as I know how quickly time flies and I can see how much Elke girl has grown in this time already. 

Once again, I have put it out to my @Glowing Mumma.Thriving Bubba insta community to see what questions you had on our fourth trimester experience so far.

So here it is- an insight into our post birth journey...  

What This Episode Includes

As Elke lay milk drink in my arms, I chatted about: 

>> How she's been with feeding and sleeping and what her personality is showing so far.

>> How we are slowly introducing Elke to the world. 

>> My post birth journey- how I'm nourishing and nurturing my body for healing with foods, supplements and practises.

>> Some of my fav Mum and baby items that have helped me post birth.

>> Our first outing and what we did as a family.

>> My thoughts on our mode of care support post birth.

>> Our biggest challenge during this time. 

Plus more!

Listen In To Our Full Fourth Trimester Experience 

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