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Dec 08, 2020


With Naturopath Kasey Willson 

Do you know what one of the most commonly asked questions I get as a Mumma entrepreneur? How do I get things done.

Like many new Mumas, I felt like I was thrown in the deep end, trying to run two businesses, but with my hubby working away regularly (so there’s no set time for an extra set of hands). His parents live a good 3 hours away and it wasn’t until my daughter was over a year old that my Mum moved up from Kangaroo Island to be closer. Now, I am blessed with a day a week where she comes over to play with my little miss.

I learnt the hard way with what worked, what didn’t and then how to adapt as my daughter’s ‘routine’ evolved. I say routine in inverted commas as to be honest, a sleep routine really never existed until recently for us… most nights it was unpredictable when she would wake and how long it would take to get her back to sleep…and yes, it was always her mumma she wanted.

But I know I’m not alone.

In episode 9 I shared ways to overcome overwhelm. This is such valuable guidance in today’s go go go lifestyle. But I know, things do need to get done & you also want to be super productive in your day and savour precious time with your loved ones. This is what it’s all about, right?!

So tune in as I share my personal ways of being productive, which have helped me release a couple of books and an online course in my first two years of being a Bubba Mumma. Plus, I must say, there really is no time for procrastination these days.

  1. Get In The Mood

First thing I’ll add some uplifting essential oils into our diffuser- to transition from a slow, sleepy night into an energised feeling throughout the morning. Citrus, rosemary, peppermint and spearmint are my current favs for this time of day. 

We then start our day with morning sun and grounding on our back lawn -which ill admit is much easier now with the warmer mornings. I do challenge myself to cold therapy with ice walks across our lawn in the frosty winter mornings. 

Why? The feeling of a short term rush of cold on my skin,  leaves me feeling nothing short of rejuvenated. This broken sleep Mumma gig has certainly been testing over the past 2 years, so I'm also aiming to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery in my body so I can look and feel younger.

Whatever the temperature and no matter how rough the night has been, this morning grounding & sunshine practise helps to set me up for feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. 

I’ve also come to realise over the years that making the effort to get dressed and doing my hair even if I won’t be seeing anyone for the whole day, boosts my self confidence, creates a fresh start and puts me in the mood to get things done. If I stay in my PJs I feel lazy and just want to make a cosy possie on the couch. There are some days when I’m trying to stretch out my hair washing for just one more day and it does feel a bit oily and icky if it’s left down- instead tied up in that messy bun or back in a pony makes a big difference. 

Along with getting dressed, I make the bed, brush my teeth, splash my face and spritz  it with my Glutathione spray. I follow this up with 1 drop of Frankincense in with some Jojoba oil, massage it into my face to bring me clarity. 

I also do the dishes- I just can’t handle them sitting there. 

My ideas flow when I move my body, so I make sure to include daily exercise, whether it’s trampolining till I feel puffed, backyard yoga or heading off on a walk. I find my creativity shines and I quickly jot down my ideas afterwards. 

Before I get going in work mode, I reach for a green tea with the added boost of MCT oil for extra brain power.

With breakfast & lunch I’ll Supplement with: Glutathione, coq10, bs, Magnesium and if I’m extra tired, l’ll go through periods of taking the amino acid L carnitine and adaptogenic and adrenal supportive herbs withania and rehmannia. 

  1. Write lists 

At some stage in the evening, I make an effort to check my dairy and make a plan of attack for the following day. This includes a list of things I want to achieve (numbered from most urgent & important, to lowest in priority), whether it be business related, house duties, family time or socialising. At this time, I’ll also check the weather for the following day so I know ahead of time, what I’ll be wearing. This eliminates one extra decision you would have otherwise had to make the next day. 

This means if I wake early before bubs, or get little windows of opportunity’s throughout the day, I know what needs tackling, spending my energy and attention on, first.

Out of my most urgent & important tasks, I lean into those which will use the most brain power, first.  It feels so good to have a big tick next to that job you were dreading the most

Many of my ideas or to-dos pop into my head just as my head hits the pillow, so I use this as a journaling time to either jot down my thoughts by hand or into the notes in my phone- that way I dont have to worry about remembering it all night, for the morning.

3. Multi-task:

Motherhood is the ultimate multitasking role of all- while preparing a meal, you’ll be attending to little ones and perhaps even starting on the dishes too. 

But by multitasking, I mean to take advantage of times throughout your day when you can add one more thing in. I love listening to my Naturopath training or biz based audios as I drive, walk or do the dishes (our dishwasher is broken).

Aside from playing, I’ll use time relaxing with my daughter outside on our lawn, to read - studies, books and blogs. I’m always learning. But my Phone is always on aeroplane mode if I’m reading from my screen.

And if hubby gets home from work at a decent hour, we'll head out and have grounding time on our lawn, while our daughter plays around- this is our de-brief, head massage unwind time together. That way if I do decide to work once I put bubs to bed, I’ve not neglected our relationship. 

Side note- Do you sometimes you just feel like you can’t give anymore? I get it. That’s why if you combine it with something relaxing like sitting on the grass, it makes it a therapeutic time for all.

4. De clutter:

Although Ill admit, it is challenging to keep an area clean with little ones around, de-cluterring can do wonders for creating clarity. When I have things scattered all over the place, I struggle to collect my thoughts, focus and let creativity flow. 

One of my tips to reduce paper waste overwhelm, is using a scanning app to digitally save my bills & important documents, before shredding. A genius decluttering hack.

5. Get Prepared

Even if I don’t have time until late that day to work on something, I’ll have my diary out, pen and paper ready or my computer on with the relevant webpage / program open. So when the time comes there’s no procrastination sharpening pencils or scrolling socials. It’s go time!

As we do lots of outdoor activities, I set myself up with jobs and  I can do with pen and paper or on my laptop (without the internet) on our outdoor table or switching my phone to aeroplane mode & using the notes section. That way if my toddler is playing happily by herself, I can still watch over her while typing away. 

The trampoline, sandpit, picking (unripe) stone fruit & mud kitchen help me out!

When I use notes in my phone, I’ll copy and paste them into an email, switch my phone back on (from aeroplane mode) and send them to myself, so when I’m back on my laptop inside, I can take off where I left off.

This prep includes preparing our family meals too. I get my list ready Sunday night, ordering our organic goodies and plan around what’s seasonally available for the week.

Along with making brekkie, I use the mornings to defrost anything that’s frozen, soak legumes or grains, chop up snacks for the day and pack our lunchboxes if we're heading out. 

Knowing ahead of time what the main meals of the day are takes away any last minute pressure to whip something delicious and nutritious up. Slow cooked meals are my fav as it the hard work is all over with in the morning. Now that's my kind of Mumma kitchen creation 😍

When introducing solids and doing so in a way to support my daughters gut health, being extra prepared made for such a smoother (and fun) transition into solids. I know the overwhelm and uncertainties this can bring, which is why I wrote the baby book, Thriving Bubba- to holistically support Mumma’s and their babies from birth and beyond.

6. Be flexible 

If you have one or more little ones, work around your Mumma life and let go of any expectations of needing to get things done between 9-5. Your work windows will be constantly evolving as your Bubba grows, and her needs and sleeping routines change. So roll with it and be grateful for anything you get throughout the day. 

Also be prepared to stop and start something multiple times and do things in the reverse order you had planned.

Some mornings, I won’t get out for my sun and grounding time until after I’ve prepped meals for the day, or checked my emails. If an opportunity is given to get some things done while a little one is sleeping/ happily playing, take it!

I’ve just started embracing morning work time, if my daughter sleeps in for a bit longer. Otherwise just after she goes to sleep (and I’ll admit this is different every night), I’ll get an hour of work in. 

A must for me however is if I’m working at night, I wear dark orange coloured blue light blocking sunglasses to minimise the impact light can have on my melatonin (sleep hormone) production. More sleep = a more productive Mumma! 

While every one’s circumstances and environment is different, I encourage you to try out these practises that have helped with my work productivity, and creating more time to spend with my loved ones. 

Follow rituals that get you in the mood, multitask when appropriate, declutter your space, get prepared in all areas of your day and most of all, be flexible with yourself and your little loves. 

I can’t wait to hear how these tips help you. Head over to the @GlowingMumma Instagram page & let me know.  If you are a baby Mum, get my holistic health support for your baby from birth and beyond, in my baby book Thriving Bubba. Pick up your copy here.


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