How To Protect Your Family From EMFs

Mar 10, 2020

How To Protect Your Family From EMFs

A big focus within my latest book, Thriving Bubba is helping Mumma's to create a nurturing environment for their little ones. An important factor to consider for this is to lower your exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, also known as EMFs. 

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are an invisible field of energy, also known as radiation, which is created by electrically charged objects (when you combine an electric field with a magnetic field).

EMFs are nothing new- we’ve been receiving EMFs from the sun and the earth since the beginning of time. Even our own bodies have electrical and magnetic functions. But since the discovery of electricity, EMF levels have been steadily rising.” explains Dr Jill Carnahan at

What creates EMFS?

Sources include mobile phone towers, smart meters, power lines, x-rays, MRI’s, UV lights, computers, radio signals, televisions and wireless devices such as baby monitors, wi-fi, bluetooth, mobile and cordless phones.

The Affects Of EMFs

Research indicates EMF exposure can impact neurological function in the body and lead to fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and impaired memory,1,2,3 and as outlined in this study and this report more serious damage such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

Mobile phone use alone has been linked with cancer. Holding a phone to your head allows the EMFs to penetrate into your head. One study showed that over the course of five years, using a mobile phone for 20 minutes, has shown to increase brain cancer risk by over 300 percent in just five years.4,5

Babies and young children are at greater risk to these electromagnetic fields, because their bodies and brains are still growing and developing and have shown to absorb more radiation than adults.6

It is therefore important to protect your vulnerable little ones, whenever it is in your control. Here are some simple and effective ways you can minimise their EMF exposure.

Minimising Your EMF Exposure


• As tempting as it is to catch up on messages and social media while nursing your baby, avoid using your phone next to them, unless it is on aeroplane mode. When you are using you phone away from your baby, minimise your use and keep at a distance from your body, for your own health. A radiation shield blanket is recommended for internet use on your phone.

• Never give your phone to your baby as a toy, teether, or hold it to their ear unless it is first on aeroplane mode. The same applies to older children.

• Use the speaker mode or an air tube earphone set

• Use speaker mode when talking on your phone. Always keep the phone as far away from your baby as possible.

• Avoid using your phone while it is charging.

• Minimise time using the Bluetooth setting on your phone and keep it switched off when not in use. Same applies to your car Bluetooth setting.

• Switch your phone to ‘aeroplane mode’ when not in use and especially when keeping it near to your body, such as in a pocket or near your baby in a pram or carrier.

• Add protection to your phone such as shungite stone case and/or a chip. 


Internet & Devices:

• Use a wired ethernet connection for your home internet (laptop or computer plugged into the modem).

• If you must use wi-fi, limit the time this is turned on and keep your baby well away from the modem. Switch off your wi-fi setting (or modem off at the power point) when it is not in use, or at very least at night.

• Avoid using wireless devices (such as a laptop) while it is charging or while near your baby.

• If using a laptop on or near your lap, use a radiation protection blanket. Otherwise use it as far away from your body as possible.


Baby Monitor:

• Avoid using a baby monitor connected via blue tooth or to the wi-fi. If you must use a monitor (without these features), keep it as far from your baby as possible.


Smart Meter (digital electric and gas meters that measure your usage):

• If you have a smart meter on or near your home, consider painting the power box (on the edges that are faced towards your home) and the wall of the house the meter is installed on, with a protective EMF shielding paint.

• If you don’t have a smart meter installed, keep it that way by calling your electrical provider and noting them of your wishes.



• Wrap your baby in a radiation shielding blanket while sleeping, travelling (especially on planes) and if you need to be on your phone nearby to your baby.

• Avoid spending long periods of time in the close vicinity of a mobile phone tower.


If you want the conformation from testing, order (or here) yourself an EMF measuring device such as the 'Safe Living Technologies Inc Safe and Sound Pro II'. This can also be helpful in finding other sources of dirty electricity in and around your home.

Creating A White Space In Your Home 

When supporting your baby's growth and development, consider the impact EMFs may be having in your home. Practise safe use of your phone, devices and home internet and invest in protection to further promote an EMF safe zone.  

For my favourite brands of protection, gain special reader discounts, plus learn about other factors to consider when creating a nurturing environment for your little loves, see my latest book, Thriving Bubba



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