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How To Track Your Cycle with Naturopath Kirsty King

Mar 16, 2021

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Are in in tune with your personal cycle? Do you know when you when you're nearing ovulation and menstruation?

 If so, how do you track your cycle? Do you let an app decide when your fertile window is near, or when you are due for your monthly bleed?

The thing is, relying on a period tracking app is likely not accurate for you as they are based on a textbook 28 day cycle, with ovulation on day 14. This is not measuring your hormonal and temperature changes that control your personal cycle and fertility window. If you're relying on the info of an app for either contraception or conception guidance, this really isn't ideal.

To help get you started or take back control and really know the ins and outs of your cycle accurately, I invited my fellow Naturopath Kirsty King onto the podcast, to chat all things cycle awareness.

In this episode 24, you will learn:

>> How to track your cycle through basal body temperature charting

>> What apps and devices are needed and the optional devices we personally use and recommended 

>> When cycle tracking through temperature charting isn't accurate

>> What signs to look for in your cervical mucous to indicate your fertile window

>> How to use temperature charting to detect thyroid issues and other hormone imbalances that could contribute to symptoms, conditions or fertility challenges. 

>> How to use temperature charting to know when to try for a baby. 

Links discussed throughout:

  • Temp Drop article by Kirsty here.
  • Learn more about the Daysy device I use for cycle tracking (for fertility and contraception) here.
  • App to create your cycle temperature chart: Kindara
  • Recommended further reading: Taking Charge Of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler



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