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How to Read Food Labels

How to Read Food Labels

Do you glance over food labels, but get a bit confused with what you're really looking for? 

 With clever marketers working their magic to entice you to buy their products, buying healthy is tricky business. You must learn to look through the pretty pictures and misleading claims, and instead read the fine print to ensure your shop is a healthy one. 

Where and how you source your food shopping is such an important factor in gaining and maintaining optimal health for you and your family. Read on to be equipped with important food label reading skills. It will save you time and give you the confidence to know you’ve made the best choice for you and your loved ones.


Where To Start

Buying foods in the whole food form, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dried legumes, eggs and fresh meats is the most nutritious option when purchasing foods, to make up your daily meals from scratch.

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Bubba Friendly Turkey Patties

This recipe was created by Nutritionist Diana Krisanski for the baby book, Thriving Bubba. Over to you Diana...

Turkey is a rich source of protein, iron and fat to incorporate into your baby's diet (see Thriving Bubba for specific time line introduction guidelines).

I have a few recipes for patties, slices and bites as they can be used as both a savoury snack and for meals on the go. Once cooked they freeze well and will last up to 3 months in the freezer but best consumed within 1 month of freezing.

You can mix it up by swapping in grated sweet potato, apple, finely chopped mushrooms or broccoli. You can also make a turkey bolognaise using similar ingredients; simply omit the egg and flour and add 500ml of broth, serve with cauliflower rice, mashed sweet potato or properly prepared brown rice.

Let's get cooking Mumma...

Turkey Patties 


500gm free range turkey mince 
1/2 red onion, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 stalk celery,...
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How To Nourish Little Ones On A Road Trip

By Kasey Willson 

Are you thinking about heading off on a family road trip, but you’re not sure how to navigate nourishing your little ones while away? Read on for some tips we implemented on our most recent caravanning trip through central Australia (from Adelaide to Lake Argyle) & home via Uluru, to keep our 14 month old bubba happy & healthy.

Keeping Bubba Entertained

We had some big days of travel, which meant a restless bubba at times. The long stretches of sitting down in the car, were broken up with lots of morning play and encouraging movement at each stop. Our favourites were the nature walks at Uluru and Kings Canyon, plus the walk and water activities at Lake Argyle. At more basic stops bubba had fun chasing her shadow, sneaking up on birds and if there was enough time, we'd get her trike off the back for a spin. If there was lawn, we'd be playing on it, if there were rocks bubs would be collecting them and if there was dirt, she'd...

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My Grain & Nut Free Brownies Recipe

My Grain & Nut Free Brownies Recipe

I hear you! It can be tough to please all the members of your household when there are intolerances, allergies and nut free school requests. Now you can still give everyone a choccie fix without the refined sugar, grains (therefore gluten), dairy and nuts. This recipe ticks all the boxes and can be adapted further to create a lower fructose option.

Along with the refreshing essential oil aroma and taste, there is one secret ‘filler’ ingredient that not even my sister could detect (who is very well versed with grain free cooking). Nope, it not nut meal, seed meal, tapioca or sweet potato… it’s black beans! Sounds a bit strange, but trust me, they create a moist brownie that will please everyone’s chocolate cravings (yep even a pregnant woman ). If you missed me talking about my pregnancy choccie craving, you can read more about my second tri experience over here.

This delish recipe was...

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A Healthy Treat To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

A Healthy Treat To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

One of the most common symptoms that presents to me in Naturopath clinic are the struggle with constant sweet cravings. Although I will always endeavour to find the underlying cause, whether it’s investigating for imbalanced micro biome, testing for hormone imbalances and /or overcoming nutritional deficiencies, it’s helpful to have healthy options to offer in place of that sugar-filled block of chocolate or packet of lollies.

Introducing my Lemon Gummies- perfect for overcoming your choccie cravings by changing that taste in your mouth after meals, providing vitamin C for your immune system and gelatin for supporting your gut health. Plus they’re yummy enough to please even the little people in your home!



1 1/2 cups fresh lemon or apple juice

3.5 tbsp gelatine. I use this organic brand.

½ tbsp raw honey (optional)

4 drops doTERRA Lime Essential Oil (for an...

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Naturopath Approved Lemon Vanilla Panna Cotta

Naturopath Approved Lemon Vanilla Panna Cotta

I have many patients who are struggling with food intolerances. When they are reacting to eggs, nuts, dairy and grains, meal ideas can pose a challenge.

My Lemon Vanilla Panna Cotta was created with these patients in mind. Focusing on including good fats from coconut, gut healing gelatin, together with refreshing lemon, and flavoursome accompanying spices, this recipe is a just as nutritious as it is delicious!

This one is perfect for a sustaining brekkie, enjoyed as a snack and presented as a healthy desert (they won’t know any different). The good fats will help to keep your blood sugars stable, the inflammation producing insulin down, and gives you a steady release of energy throughout the day.

Ok, enough waiting! Here it is…


What you’ll need:

400mls coconut cream (I use Global organics)

Zest of 1 lemon

4 cardamon pods

1 tbsp grass fed gelatine (I use this...

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My ‘Sunshine Milk Smoothie’ Recipe

My ‘Sunshine Milk Smoothie’ Recipe

Are you feeling achey or bloated?

Do you suffer with headaches?

Is your liver in need of some loving?

Perhaps period pain causes you angst?

Or are you struggling with low moods?

The health properties of the flavonoid curcumin found in turmeric spice, is magic for helping overcome these health challenges…. plus so much more. That is why my Sunshine Milk Smoothie just had to feature in my brekkie eBook- My Vibrant Morning.

You can enjoy the health benefits curcumin brings by trying this turmeric powerhouse smoothie for either your first meal of the day, or a smaller serving for a nutritious snack.



Serves 1

What you will need: 

½ – 1 teaspoon turmeric paste

1 cup nut milk, or 1 tablespoon coconut cream and 1 cup water

½ cup water

2 teaspoons gelatine (you can pick up an organic brand here)

1 tablespoon nut butter of choice

2 cubes ice (optional)


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When Oils Go Off

When Oils Go Off

Oils just aint oils. There are several types, which play different roles in the body, and each has a different ability to stay fresh under heat, light and air conditions. Today I’ll discuss the essential fatty acid’s (EFA’s), Omega 3 and Omega 6. These are called essential, because our body cannot make them individually, or from other fats in the diet. They instead need to be supplied through our diet in order to use for their many functions.

Essential fatty acids play important roles in the body, particularly nurturing for the nervous, immune, reproductive and cardiovascular system. They allow cells to form and function properly, are powerful antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties (omega 3’s only) and allow adequate detoxification to occur in the body.


The healthier sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are from cold water fish and marine animals such as salmon, trout,...

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How To Use Vitamin Rich Foods As Your Medicine

How To Use Vitamin Rich Foods As Your Medicine

Using foods as medicine is always my first priority when preventing imbalances, treating health challenges and promoting optimal health & vitality. Nature has provided us with a way of delivering our body’s nutritional requirements through the blessing of whole foods.

Optimal nutrition is crucial for growth, development, detoxing and maintaining the multiple functions your body performs day in, day out.  Whether you’re nurturing yourself through a pregnancy, providing growth support for your children, aiming to increase physical performance, striving for bounding energy, working towards improved mental health and concentration or supporting your hormone health, setting yourself nutritional goals can play an important role.

To help you to use food as your medicine and incorporate a varied array of nutrients into your daily diet, refer to my list of vitamins found in health...

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How to Create a Healthy Emotional Connection with Food

How to Create a Healthy Emotional Connection with Food

Over the weekend I made a Banana Cake (a healthy version of course) and I returned to my youth. Joyous memories flooded back- running around in the shearing shed, playing in the wool bales and stopping for smoko with the smelly shearers. I smiled.

Food is a powerful trigger for certain thoughts, memories and feelings- happy, sad, content, nervous, excited, jealous, anxious, depressed and even confidence. The connection of emotions, moods and feelings affecting the types and amounts of foods we reach for, is just as strong.

As emotions have a profound impact on digestive health, it is important to become aware of any underlying thoughts you have around foods. Acknowledge these emotional connections to overcome any negative effects they may be having on your overall health, aiming to create a healthy mindset around your daily diet.

As I listen to my patients, the most common negative emotional connections to food, include:...

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